Why to Start Your Morning with Sex 1

Thinking morning sex is possible only on a vacation ?

Well , here are 10 great reasons for morning sex is one of the best ways to start your day , every day !

morning-sex1It will delight you to know that morning sex is not only good sex itself , but can also help both physically and emotionally be made. Here are some reasons why you should have sex more often in the morning :

# 1 This is convenient. Most of us like to sleep comfortably with the least amount of clothes. Many even sleep in the nude. Sex in the morning is already a great demand : you do not have to take off her clothes – it’s something to do when you have sex at any time of the day.

Wake up to a warm body , naked from the waist wonders in the lower part works appetite . A small pushrod , while spooning is sure to keep things with little effort * * because , you know , the two are already lying . These two went to take a shower , anyway , why not get a little dirtier , before turning to ?

# 2 Morning Sex feels much better. Sex in the morning is better than just having sex for several reasons. First, it is well-rested and recharged mentally, you will have the strength to overcome his demigod night boning always the same in orgasmic joy. Couples who work overnight usually tired of all daily activities, both fun parts less susceptible to mating.

Second, a few minutes after waking up, his mind is still not fully aware and awake, making them less inhibited. As a result, the morning session of the bones can make more adventurous “creative” in bed.

# 3 Two will be favorable in the light of the morning. You know that the pale, hazy light that comes from the light of dawn, that soft with a slight tinge of yellow? Photographers call this morning, within the “golden hour” when the sun begins to peek over the horizon. Golden hour light seeped into his window and passes the half-naked bodies tousled hair pillow, you and your partner will provide an additional incentive to attract. It is better to sharpen increases the sexual appetite.

# 4 Morning wood : natural aphrodisiac. As you may have noticed, the kids are predisposed to pitching tents in the morning. Your man is always awake in the “song ” because of its natural cycle of testosterone. male brain restores the body’s supply of testosterone every morning, which is an active member at this time of day.

This means that your sexual power is in the nitro and he cites Daft Punk, will be “more , better, faster , stronger” for you – in the case of waking up next to a man with a strong orgasm is not enough reason to good morning sex .
# 5 It makes you feel good all day . Sex makes the human brain release serotonin and dopamine , two neurotransmitters responsible for the sense of peace and relaxation . In addition , orgasm produces brain chemical called oxytocin , which is responsible for making you feel connected to your partner . It is perfect to draw attention , especially if you’re not a morning person like morning sex certainly brighten the day .

# 6 Will make you look good . In addition to a similar drug produced high orgasms , there are also physical side effects that most people identify themselves as ” post- coital glow . ” He said sexual chemicals above make hair shine , make your skin glow and make your face and your eyes relax . Now we can say that sex in the morning is better treatment of beauty expensive trip to a spa .

# 7 Improves brain function. Sex in the morning can provide a productive day at work, such as sexual activity in the morning fully awake brain by promoting body circulation. The increased circulation in the brain that receive the optimal amount of oxygen and nutrients to function properly . As a result , you are more alert, energetic and creative .

# 8 This is a good exercise . Sex in the morning is a lot better than going to the gym or jogging on the streets option . Sex burns the same amount of calories lost if you jog for 30 minutes. And , as we pointed out five times , get to enjoy time with that special person . Basically , you can get a good love and lose calories without having to get up and spend time outdoors.

# 9 Increase appetite . As always , his mother said , ” Breakfast is the most important meal of the day . ” Sex is an exercise in the morning and hors d’oeuvres , all in one curly Burrito , allowing you to work up an appetite for a hearty breakfast . In addition, the endorphins released session will ensure that bones experience as food taste better , even if you eat bran cereal floating in cold milk .

# 10 is spice up your relationship and sex life . sex in the morning adds more flavor to your relationship in many ways . First, knowing that you could have sex spontaneously early in the day not to mention * sober * suggests that there is a youthful passion still burns between the two .

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