Why Men Love girls in Lingerie

If your husband is a lingerie lover, have you ever wondered why he loves lingerie? Have you fought hard to smile every time another slinky negligee, teddy, or sexy corset is wrapped up as a present? The truth behind that silky garment is more than meets the eye! We love what meets the eye, but it is the messages that lingerie is communicating that gets our attention.

Men Love the Availability and Resounding Yes.

Lingerie says, “Yes”, one word that we love to hear. Not only does it say yes, but it communicates a very strong and sensual yes, an excited to be with you yes.or couples who have less frequent intimacy, lingerie takes out the guess work, wondering and trying, that sometimes challenge men to be Romeo and Sherlock Holmes at the same time. When you slip on “something more comfortable” men love the strong and resounding yes they hear.

Men Love looking at you body

Lingerie says, “Please look” two words that every guy loves to hear from his wife. Ladies your husband loves your sexy body and he loves looking at it. While an “in the dark, under the covers romp” is sometimes fun, lingerie is all about sensual looking! Men love it! Husband wants to step back and soak in all the beauty that is radiating off from you sexy body! We want to let our eyes dance over those sexy curves and just enjoy the view. Lingerie not only allows us to do that but asks us to, and we love it!

Men Love the Build Up for Sex

Lingerie says “let’s make soft and sweet love tonight.”  Lingerie is a great way to avoid a quicky and let us slow things down, enjoy the moment and slowly and sensually unwrap the evening.

Men Love the Excitement

Lingerie says “I’m too longing and excited to make love with you.” Behind every man’s desire for sex is an equally strong desire for his wife’s pleasure. We really want you to feel good. Making you feel good makes us feel great! When you put on lingerie you are in essence showing him you are sexually aroused and desiring him, which is a huge way to boost your husband’s self-esteem and show him you desire him!

Men Love the Gift

Lingerie says, “I’m yours.Hold me. Feel me” We know that you aren’t dressing up like that for anyone other than us and that you are doing it simply for our enjoyment. That is a huge turn on. Knowing that you have thought about what we would like and then you not only bought it, but made time to wear it is a huge gift. We know that you are subconscious, we know that you might not love all the same curves that we do, and we know that you are making yourself vulnerable all for us. It is a huge and awesome gift! It makes us feel very special and is one of the biggest reasons why we love it!

 Love the Wow

Lingerie says, “Wow!” One of the exciting things about lingerie is the potential wow factor. When we least expect it you can surprise us with a wow! Seeing you in lingerie when it was totally unexpected has the ability to make our eyes pop like Bugs Bunny! It is exciting, alluring, enticing and awesome!


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