Why its fun to be Lesbian

With the newest season of Orange Is The New Black having debuted this past weekend, women all over the world are claiming that they are ‘turning gay/lesbian‘ for Ruby Rose. Whilst it is not possible to ‘turn gay’, as we know that it is not a choice, it does seem that more and more women are identifying their sexuality as lesbian. Psychologist John Buss says that throughout most of human history, around 2% of women have identified as lesbian or bisexual. Cut to the present day, and recent surveys show that roughly 15% of women identify as lesbian or bisexual. So, why is this so?

Well, to begin with, straying from the heteronormative relationship is a lot more commonplace these days because it is a lot more accepted. We are seeing many countries enforcing equal marriage rights, and the LGBTIQ movement has made great strides over the past few years. It is also now a part of popular culture- with TV shows such as the aforementioned Orange Is The New Black, number one hits like Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It, and films such as Blue Is The Warmest Color. Gay women are being represented in the media- in films, music, shows- and so feel that they can be more open with their sexual preferences.

lesbian-girlHowever, there are also women who claim that having a relationship with another woman is far superior to being with a man. What are their reasons for thinking like this?

You can share things

Dating a girl, you have another female who you find attractive, and the best thing is you will be at their place all the time! You can share their makeup, their clothes, their shoes whenever you like. You can even make joint purchases. Yay!

Girls know how it is to be a girl

With all of these female hormones, women can be emotional, especially around that time of the month. However, when dating another girl, you do not have to explain yourself! They know how it Is, they feel your pain, and they don’t judge you. You want to cry? Go ahead. You want to stay in bed all day? Here’s a hot water bottle. You want chocolate? Here! Have 10 bars!

Even better, they have the same bodily functions as you so will not treat you as some gross, disgusting creature whenever you are on your period. For some people in hetero relationships they think that they have to hide their period from their partner- women don’t care, they are not immature and they know that it is a normal part of life!

Girls really know sex and how it is

Sex is intuitive. You really know how another woman’s body works when you have the same body. No more fumbling around, trying to figure out what makes them feel good. Girls know exactly how to please the other woman, and they want to please you so badly.

Also, if you feel the urge, you can make out wherever you like. Girls go to the bathroom together all of the time, whether they are gay or not. So go to the bathroom together, pin her against a wall and have a hot and steamy make out session- no one will be any the wiser.

Guys are gross

Guys. Ew. Always leaving the seat up, hairs all over the bathroom sink, having to beg them to change their underwear that they have been wearing for four days in a row…sometimes It’s like dealing with children. Women look after themselves, and you don’t have to beg them to do it!

lesbianFinally- no birth control! No putting hormones in your body, no pregnancy scares, no crazy ass tube stuck in your arm- just all of the sex, all of the time, with none of the babies. Win-win.

Do you have your reason for being lesbian ?

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