What to wear on Valentine Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and we are all hoping to entice our partners in to the bedroom. This is an exciting day as we all know what is coming at the end of the night, and you have the whole day to lead up to the evening of passion. How can you make him hot under the collar before the evening has even begun?

Make every man’s head turn the moment you walk through the door. Meet your significant other in a crowded place – such as a restaurant or bar- and choose something colorful to attract attention to yourself. When you walk in alone to meet him, all eyes will be on you.
If you are of very fair skin or tanned Latino skin, red is a great choice for you. Channel your inner Monroe with bright cerise against your milk white skin, or dazzle him with the color of passion complementing your beautiful bronze skin tone.

For those of us who do not fit in these categories, choose a color to flatter your skin tone. For cooler tones, blues, greens, pinks and purples work very well. For warmer tones, choose oranges, yellows and khakis.
Let us not forget, there is one killer dress that will always look great on a woman of any color. The Little Black Dress. Timeless, glamorous and always flattering, team this with colorful lipstick and some sky-high heels and you will look every part the sex goddess.
So- you have chosen a color to work with. Now choose a style. The key to being everything a man wants this valentines day is in the style of the dress. Choose something incredibly sexy but leave some things to the imagination. Sure, you want heads to turn as you enter the room – but you do not want them to be turning for the wrong reasons.
Work with your figure. If you are a smaller breasted woman, you can get away with a more plunging neckline or a spaghetti strap dress. You have a choice of either a figure hugging silhouette, or a loosely flowing Grecian style frock. However, for the more ample bosomed women, choose a carefully structured garment. There is no shame in working with what you have and displaying your best assets, but do so with a touch of class. The last thing you want is everyone turning to see the nip-slip!
Consider the length of your frock. Do you really want to spend the evening pulling down your skirt? Instead of opting for a shorter dress to show off your legs, work with a slightly longer robe that hugs tightly to your body. Allow your partner to see every part of your body – without seeing every part of your flesh. A beautiful body-con dress will enhance your curves and keep everything in it’s rightful place. You can even be daring by wearing something with a thigh high slit. That will really get his heart racing!

We have discussed the color and style of the dress. What about what is underneath the dress? As I mentioned, you want to look alluring and tempting, whilst retaining your elegance. Therefore you do not want to have your lingerie on display – but that does not mean that you can’t give him a private show at the table.
If you are in a quiet and dark corner – or even if you are not and want to be a bit more adventurous- make a quick trip to the bathroom. When you return, sit down very closely to him and whisper something in his ear. Ask him to open his hand and let him know that you have a present for him. Place in to his hands the panties that you have just taken off, letting him know that you are now going commando. He will be shouting ‘check please’ before you know it.

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