What Girls Want

They always likes to look attractive,and irresistible to men.

Girls wants to dress in a way that males Can’t Take His Eyes Off them: Do you always catch him staring at you every time you glance his way? If you do then it’s a sign that he is into you and uses the stare tactic as his flirting style. One of the simplest male body language flirting signs is the stare and if he does this more often then it is highly possible that he is sending you the signal and waiting for your response before he proceeds and this is what female wants also that makes them to always wants to be approachable.


Girls likes Skin ship Moments: Does he like to always sit near you whenever you go out with friends? Does he always make it a point to hold your hand or lean on your shoulders and does not mind even if your other friends see it. Since most guys are afraid of rejection, they would rather have to feel it first if the girl they like feels the same way before they go declaring their feelings.

Girls don’t want to lose their male friends to another girl,so they are always concern about their look,body and health daily.

Girls want to be  Protective: A guy will always try his best to be with the girl he likes whenever she’s facing some difficulties. Guys like assuming the role of someone that girls can turn to for help. Guys can be protective and will do anything to protect the girl they like. This is another male body language flirting style that guys use to let the girl they like know that they are also capable of caring for someone.

Girls are usually more attracted to a guy that they believes has this quality.

Girls want to Spending Time with You: You never saw him appreciate volunteer work before but now it seems that he is interested in joining the group when he saw your name on it. A guy feels happy if he is able to spend time with the girl of his dreams; it does not matter if it means sitting for an hour in a drama class you are taking up or spending the next weekend helping with the medical mission that you are a part of. Spending time with you is something that makes him happy.

Girls are happy when their male friends likes spending time with them whether on the beach, or spending vacation together.

schoolgirl-naughtGirls also do not want to lose their male friend by dressing poor,not really looking sharp and healthy,packing their boobs well and wearing a fitly  beautiful dress.

All these and many more account for why Girls are serious about their health and body when they goes out regularly.



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