How to wear Slit Skirts

Slit Shirt are back in fashion as thigh high slit skirt. Slit Skirts are always sexy as they play with imagination, but they are also flattering especially in the formal look. You can wear Slit skirt to look taller and slimmer. While ultra thigh-high slits, exposing almost everything are wore regularly on the red carpet , you can still wear them for street style looks.










The advantage of slit skirt over short skirt is that you don’t need to have perfect pair of legs. As slit shows skin at various points hence you can wear it without worrying about your legs. The trick to wearing a slit skirt is to make sure you are showing off only what you wish to show off. All you really need to do is suggest a little skin that can make your outfit look sexy.

You may go for adjustable slits by means of ribbons, buttons, and zippers. Wrap skirts, tulip skirts, asymmetrical skirts, and even pencil skirts with short slits are great sexy style addition. If you love the look of long skirts, but you don’t like the fact that all that fabric makes you look bulky, go for a maxi skirt with a high slit.

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