Understand the stage of Women Pleasure

Understand your own pleasure cycle.

1. Arousal/Excitement

What happens during this stage:  When a female becomes sexually excited, blood flow increases in the vaginal walls, allowing for lubrication to occur, and resulting in swelling of the external sex parts (opening, labia, clitoris). Pulse and breathing quickens and the skin may become flushed (pink with heat), especially the chest and neck. Nipples become erect.

How you might describe it: Leila sat upright on the edge of the bed, her pulse racing as Sean slid his hands up along her smooth thighs, deliberately lifting her dress. A rosy hue spread across her heaving chest, her body growing hot beneath his sensual touch, her nipples stiffening against the fabric of her clothes. Sean’s lips pressed to the inside of her bare thigh, as their eyes connected. Leila moaned softly, and she wove her fingers into her lover’s hair as her cunt lips grew wet from excitement. Her clit puffed out for attention, and she squirmed with anticipation as Sean’s lips drew closer.

2. Plateau

What happens during this stage: Blood flow increases to the area around the nipples, causing the breasts to swell somewhat in size.  The lower area of the vagina, (aka introitus or orgasmic platform) becomes swollen and firm, reaching its limit for blood flow. The female needs continuous stimulation in this phase to build up enough sexual excitement for orgasm.

How you might describe it: Leila lowered her back to the mattress, gripping the sheets tightly between her fingertips. The muscles in her legs and back grew tense as Sean fondled her clit with his tongue, alternating between slow and quick passes to keep her on edge. She shivered as he brushed his fingertip along her slick opening, sucking her sensitive clit into his hot mouth. “Don’t stop.” She urged breathlessly, desperate for him to continue his tease, already feeling close as he pushed his wet digit inside of her tight slit.

3. Orgasm

What happens during this stage: Orgasm is the intense and pleasurable release of sexual tension that has built up in the earlier stages. It is characterized by contractions of the vaginal muscles.

How you might describe it: Leila’s fevered breaths filled the small room as Sean relentlessly stimulated her clit. Her muscles began to clench around his penetrating finger as he thrust it with increased vigor between her hot, wet walls. Pressure coiled deep within her heated core, tighter and tighter, until she couldn’t stand anymore. She dipped her head back and lurched her hips forward, crying out in bliss, surrendering to the intense explosion of pleasure between her thighs. Her muscles pulsed hard and fast around her lover’s finger, as she melted into the bed, bathing his hand, lips and chin with her sweet juices.

4. Resolution

What happens during this stage: The female’s body slowly returns to its normal state. Swelling reduces, and breathing and heart rate slow down.

How you might describe it: Sprawling out across the bed with a satisfied grin gracing her lips, Leila let out a contented sigh. Lolling her head to the side as the pleasant spasms within her sensitive sex began to subside, she curled her finger at Sean, beckoning him to come up. When the grinning male resurfaced from between her legs, leaning down on top of her, Leila softly kissed his lips. Catching her breath, she brushed her fingertips against the sides of his face. “Your turn.” She cooed, moving her hands to his broad shoulders, abruptly pushing him down onto his back.

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