Underboob Pen Challenge : Are you game for it ?

underboob challangeThe Underboob Pen Challenge, challenge women to post picture on social media by holding a pen  using using only their  underboob (no hands!).

It’s a crazy idea. fold your top to the boobs, put a pencil or penl under your breast and if it does not fall down, you’re a ‘true’ woman. Click a selfie and share it on social media.

allwomenwear-underboob penIn an attempt to prove if you are a “real” or not, female social media users around the world are grabbing a pen and placing it under your breast incompatible.

If the pen is held in place, well it has done – that apparently passed the test and showed the world that you are a woman.


GIRLS are being challenged to prove they are “true women” with a bizarre – and slightly pervy – new internet craze.Young women are posting photos of an impressive range of objects nestled under their breasts on social media.The idea seems to be “real women” are buxom and you need impressive cleavage to to hold the object in place.

But they are displaying some serious under boob in the process.


The trend, which according to the Mirror has “been shared millions of times across Chinese social media channels” has often been accompanied by the caption “pass the challenge to prove you’re a true woman.”


High Point of the Challenge : The underboob is arguably the most underrated of the various views of the boob. Underbood view doesn’t excite and not talked about, though it one of the most sensitive area of women breasts and if give due attention in love making then it give amazing results.


The split view from the top is standard and side boob excites the imagination, but the rare mystique makes the boob bottom than the top in the world of fleshy angles sphere. But now, thanks to a new trend of Internet activism self-service, underboob has become less than beautiful scenery and a controversial statement about the meaning of a “real woman”.


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