Top 10 Sexy Halloween Costumes

Over the years, for women halloween costumes, S means sexy and not scary. staff put together our list of the top 10 Sexy Halloween Costumes


sexy-halloweenWhether it’s  special Halloween occasion or just an intimate night at with your partner, these sexy halloween costumes will never let you down. In theory Halloween festival allows girls to show their skin and explore the naughty side of them-self.Halloween is a night to have wild fun and sweet candy.


Angle and Devils:

If you believe in Angels and Devils or not, these classic costumes have a rich legacy and deep symbolic roots in good and evil. Whether you choose to be an innocent Angel or a sultry, sexy Devil exploring a bit of her dark side, these classic costumes’ message will not be misunderstood!



Ninja Turtles:




Show more of your skin as  less is more? When it comes to sexy Halloween costumes short and minimal clothing means sexy. Be prepared to eat the forbidden apple or better be eaten



Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Costume:

Famous super hot and sexy-super women of all time! This costume includes a hot red top with gold accents, short and sexy blue skirt with attached shorts, tiara, armband, glovelets and boot tops.


Police Costume:

Time to make your own rules for the night. Force your partner obey the law. This costume includes a two-toned dress with attached tie detail, Police patch screen print, badge pin and a police hat.

naught-police police-sexy-halloween-costume












Sexy Nurse Costume:

The nurse costume increase the blood pressure and make things hard. Sexy nurse dress will definitely  be the cure for whatever ails him!

hot-nurse-costume sexy-nurse-costume

Sexy Animal and Insects Costumes:

Costume that allows you to bring out your inner animal instinct  will be wild , sexy and naughty. Lions, Bears, Sexy Bunnies or even a buzzing Bee that suggests a sexy little bite can be cute and very alluring for your next Halloween party.

sexy-mouse lady-bug-costume


















Sexy Pirates Costume :

Sexy alluring Pirate Halloween costume is going to make your partner your slave for the night. Be naught and wild with this costume. Try us you will want to cast away for months. Let you partner search your hidden treasure!

pirate-sexy pirate-costume




















School Girl Costume :

Recreating the look of a school girl is going to take a man back to the days of his first boyhood crush and rekindle the stirrings he had in him that he had no idea what to do with in the first place. He’ll know exactly what to do with his schoolboy crush now, however and your sexy Schoolgirl costume will be his ultimate inspiration.

sassy-schoolgirl sexy-schoolgirl





















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