Win Wet T-Shirt Contest with these tips

If you’re considering entering the wet T -shirt contest , chances are you’re a girl who loves a good time , and must not take risks .

Wet T -shirt contest has all the makings of a beauty pageant in combination with severe ( very difficult ) dose of sex appeal . Sex is definitely the number one draw here with classical beauty and tranquility of taking a back seat to the ordinary large breasts . This does not mean that the

girl with the biggest tits always wins though.

It’s the one with the best total package that will eventually win the prize .

Reasons for entering a wet T-shirt attacked the lure of cold, hard cash (the higher the position, more lucrative prize will) provide for lots and lots of male attention and the opportunity to establish its reputation as one of the hottest girls around.

If you have the date of the competition, it is likely that you will actually be in until the end of the night!


How to dress for wet T-shirt contest will largely determine if you win, so be sure to spend some time choosing the right shirt for the event.

Firstly, it is very important to wear a

white shirt, which becomes transparent and sexy when wet

. Light pink shirt may work, but to consider testing it before wearing to make sure that it complies with the rules of transparency. Then the material should be relatively thin to be the most revealing. Strong Lycra fabrics, such as those worn for sports or similar activities, is designed to detect breast when saturated, and prevent it. Put on a thin cotton for the best results.

When you have selected the shirt wet t-shirt contest, just to wear a fitted shirt.

Solid T-shirt, tank top or halter top are all great options. Free T-shirt just will look droopy and relentless when it gets wet, so be sure to shape the style.

Create your own wet t-shirt style,

but he was tied up at the front and rear, cutting holes in strategic locations or copying users are on the beach or by the pool side, wearing a swimsuit with his shirt. In the event that the competition will be held in a nightclub or a student house, you can pair the shirt with a short skirt, cut-off Daisy Dukes or tight jeans. Whatever you choose, just be sure that you can dance, shimmy and shake to show everyone why they deserve to win the grand prize for wet t-shirt !

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