Tips and tricks for office sex

1st Rule: You do not talk about office sex.

2nd Rule: You DO NOT talk about office sex.

3rd Rule: Find a good place to have office sex.

OFFICE SEXFinding an appropriate place to put an end to all that sexual tension and you and so you have more knowledgeably. It is based on a survey by EliteSingles , which found that 56 % of women and 61 % men fantasized about having sex with a coworker in his office. Hey , you’re not alone ! This is what they found:

v-officeIt seems that most women want to seal the deal in his personal office , while most people think that the storage is the best place for users to sexually . We can even start in the conference room ; This is the only area that women and men agreed to a great place to shag . Nobody wants to get in the kitchen or smoking areas though. Pussies .

Okay , so let’s take the first three places ; private office , storage and conference room, and break them .
Private office : Your office is probably the most comfortable place for sex . Maybe you have a sofa in there , if you are a high roller , you may have a comfortable ergonomic office chair supports your scoliosis , you might have a desktop that can be redeemed quickly staplers and files in a moment of passion . And chances are that if you have your own office , which has a door to the office , which can be closed , you and your co-worker in a romantic area made office furniture for sealing .



How to implement it : Establish a lunch meeting with his associate out of the office . Put a note on the door that says you’re out to eat , and will soon be back . On leaving the office , so that people see you out , and then turned around , he forgot his cell phone . After his release , his fellow sneaks into his office and wait there . When you return to your ” mobile phone ” , you know what do to . If your office has glass walls , you’re drunk , and even literally . The transition to the next locale office sex .

Warehouse/Storage Room: Definitely the best place for sex office hours . With a staff office or conference room , you probably have to wait until people start out to start hitting . It is a dark , isolated place, and has sex standing up . And if someone asks him why he has been stored for a long time , but you can only get some feathers. Pen15 be true ( this joke still work? )
Conference Room : This is based on the greatest fantasy of the three option . It is the most public , and symbolic , but everything curly further . An additional disk during office hours , always Because it will be something to do there.

How to go about it: Because everyone can probably see in the conference room , and most of what used to be the day, wait until after work, if that is where you want your office clutter takes place. Stay up late , and dive into the work, or to say ‘ re waiting for your transportation for you . When everyone left, the associated support and imagination to be reality. You can thank us later.v-office3

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