The Different Body Types and Figures of Women

For many women, taking a look in the mirror is never an easy thing. They see the particular body shape that they may have and get disappointed or upset by the way they look each day. For some it is a matter of height, wanting to shorter or taller. For others it is a weight issue. No matter what, there always seems to be something that people see that they wish they could improve on. However, the fact is all people are beautiful the way that they are and made to be different. It is this difference that sets you apart from everyone else and should be embraced. Sometimes it may just be a matter of having the right clothes to completely change the way you look and feel about your body. Many women may not even realize each woman has a particular body figure that can be categorized into for general purposes and each has their own specific look to enhance your figure and give you a different look than you may have had all along.

women curvesThe Six Body Types

  1.  The Pear/Triangle body – A woman who has this type of body typically has a rounder bottom and the size of her hips is wider than her shoulders and bust. She will also typically have fuller thighs and short legs.
  2.  The Inverted Triangle – This look is almost the reverse design of the first type, with the woman have shoulders that are broader, a larger bust area and slimmer legs and hips. A woman of this type will have fat mostly in her face, bust and midsection.
  3. The Rectangle (straight) body – Many women this figure have almost the look of a boy to them with a small bust area and thin legs and arms and a waist and hips that are the same size.
  4. The Hourglass body – Women with this type of body are curvy, often with a bust hips that are of equal width, giving emphasis to a more defined waist area.
  5. The Diamond body – This woman’s figure has a waist that is largely undefined with a higher and larger stomach area and a flat or full bottom.
  6. The Oval/Round body – This body type seems round overall, particularly at the stomach and waist, with wide hips and full thighs.

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