The Best Fashions for Different Body Types

1.The Pear/Triangle body – A woman with this type of body wants to wear clothing that is going to give her body more balance by creating a look of an upper body that is wider.

   What she should wear – It is a good idea to wear things that are going to bring more notice to the top of your body, such as tops that are short-sleeve, necklines that are higher or even tops with shoulder pads.Try clothing like dresses or skirts that have a flare or look straight or pants that are low-rise.

   What she should not wear – Stay away from clothes that are baggy or make your hips look bigger. Designs and hems at your hips will look like the area is larger, as will pleated skirts.

2.The Inverted Triangle – This body type should try to have a more hourglass figure by bringing your upper body more into balance with your lower body and try to take focus fromfrom your top.

What she should wear – Tops that have V-necklines and the support of a good-fitting bra and dresses that have good flow to the waist area work well. Flared pants and skirts that are A-line also work well. Try wearing skirts of fabrics like denim, satin or tweed to draw more interest down your body.

What she should not wear – Fabrics and garments that put too much emphasis on your shoulders like shirts with big collars, high necklines and pants and skirts that may be tapered.

3. The Rectangle (straight) body – These women want to try and add curves and definition to achieve a more feminine look.

What she should wear – Try wearing tops with some shoulder definition to give your shoulders a more feminine look, but do not go too big. Clothing that is more fitted can give your shape more definition. Sleeveless or short-sleeve dresses or tops work well also. Necklines should be high or medium and dresses should have good flow down to your waist. Lightly flat pants that are flat-fronted also work well.  

What she should not wear – Stay away from fabrics that are too clingy or clothes that are too fitted and emphasize the straight look of your body. Tops and dresses with low necklines emphasize the flatter bust and should be avoided and baggy clothing gives you no definition.

4. The Hourglass body – Women with this shape want to give more emphasis to their curves without getting bulky.

What she should wear – Clothes that are fitted or somewhat fitted and have clingy, flowing, soft fabrics with low or medium necklines. Try dresses that have a more defined waistline and pants that are gently flaring or straight. Accessories around the waist such as belts can help.

What she should not wear – Stay away from big, bulky, baggy styles that hide your curves.

5. The Diamond body – You want to try and achieve the look of a longer body, much like the inverted triangle body type to draw more attention to the upper portion of your body and to your face.

What she should wear – Accessories such as earrings and necklaces that are going to help draw eyes and focus up on your body. Bras and shapewear that are well-fitted and supportive to give better definition, along with clothes that are somewhat fitted or loose. Low necklines work very well, along with dresses and tops that flow to the waistline. Tops and bottoms that match in color also work well, along with straight or lightly flared skirts and pants.

What she should not wear – Fabrics that are too clingy or have large patterns to them, high necklines, tapered or narrow pants and skirts, clothes that are too fitted or tight, tops that are tucked in, pleats and belts all should be avoided.

6.  The Rounded Body – This body type wants to draw more attention to the face and the shoulders and away from the lower part of the body.

What she should wear – You want to wear more accessories such as necklaces and earrings to draw the looks of others up to the face. Clothing that is loose fitting or slightly fitted is ideal and you want to wear bras and shapewear that are fitted well to give you the best support and minimize your abdomen. Try wearing bottoms and tops that are matching colors, dresses and tops with lower necklines and that have good flow through to your waist. Straight pants made of soft fabrics also work well.

What she should not wear – Fabrics that are tight or clingy, any clothing that is too fitted or tight or has a neckline that is high, pleats and skirts because they provide greater volume to your body or clothes with large prints should be avoided.

In the end, it is important to realize that every woman is naturally going to have a different look, size and body type. It is these differences that help to make you the wonderful person that you are. To achieve a fashionable look, it is good to know what type of body shape you have and what looks might work best for you to make it easier for you to get the look you want so you can feel your best all of the time.

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