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The idea of sleeping naked is alien to me; Deliberately buy pajamas – there must be a reason, right? Throwing them away * especially when prices are a quarter of my salary * absurd, but it seems I’m better off without them.

sleeping-nakedIt is surprising and somewhat understandable, since our ancestors started so before the fig leaf has become fashionable. However, here we are, buying nightwear worth hundreds of dollars, because that’s what we were taught to do.

So, why is this new movement we flannel preceding and whip her breasts in the middle of the night says, in the comfort of our rooms? I mean, I understand why you can feel empowering, but until I can take a little convincing.

I slept in pajamas for 26 years, so I’m a little hard-pressed to believe that the ventilation my lady parts can be good for me. However, according to the advice of many experts, the sleep score is really good for our whole body, not just our privates.


#1 Air Vent  vajayjay seems healthier and cleaner . Author of the book ” Drive Solution sex for women ,” Jennifer Landa , MD , says sleep without underwear can promote a healthier environment for your vagina . Closed – off and overly warm atmosphere is the perfect place for a yeast infection , and ventilation can prevent infection .

# 2 refrigerator better sleep . Using sleepwear and lots of blankets can be bad for your sleep cycle . Your body temperature is supposed to drop so that it can enter into the optimal state of sleep , which means the blankets and clothing can increase the temperature and that interferes with your sleep . That’s not good at all , given the lack Z is unhealthy and makes it very unpleasant morning .

# 3 younger will wake up every day ! Well, not exactly , but the aging process will be much slower . When we sleep, we release growth hormone ( anti-aging natural substance ) , and when sleep is interrupted due to excessive heat , produce less of it , and ended aging faster .
# 4 stress level decrease. Sleep without clothing is more comfortable for our body, as described above . Since we are asleep , our stress hormone , cortisol also decreases.

#5 confidence intensifies . When we’re naked , we are aware of our body, and that’s a good thing. Therefore , walking naked and alone in the house does not feel uncomfortable at all . It feels attractive and empowerment , which in turn increases levels of confidence.
# 6 best relations . Sleep naked next to each other increases the level of oxytocin . This is what scientists call the “love hormone ” . When it is at its highest level , which promotes the pair bond , which is a scientific way of saying that you and your partner will like it more with each other .

# 7 awesome * and frequent sex . It is also a wonderful side effect of increased oxytocin . The researchers found that those who releases oxytocin more likely to experience stronger orgasms and had very attractive sex life . This means not only more sex , but better sex .

# 8 Less laundry . No more talk .

#9 The dream is finally bearable in the summer. most densely populated countries now experiencing extreme temperatures explosions during the summer. If you continue to sleep naked in that period, you will not have to suffer from hot flashes that should not occur in men and not menopausal women.

#10 speeds up your metabolism. Sleep in a cooler environment allows the body to produce healthy fats that increase metabolism. The study’s author, Francesco S. Celi, MD, says his subjects, who were sleeping in the cold room, produce more brown fat – the healthy fat stored in the neck that burns calories to generate body heat. Sleeping naked can produce the same effect.

# 11 The immune system is stimulated. Getting uninterrupted sleep because you’re naked is also a great way to improve your immune system. We heal faster during sleep and store enough energy to make our works of healthy antibodies.

# 12 is less hungry when you wake up. High levels of cortisol increased appetite. Since sleeping naked reduces the amount of cortisol in the body, is less likely to feel that it is necessary midnight snack or an extra serving of dessert in the middle of the day, it contributes to weight loss or weight control.

# 13 More sex . Sleeping naked all the time ? It is only to awaken her boyfriend stiffy or mouth his girlfriend . Joking aside , couples are more likely to feel the need to sleep together when they sleep naked next to each other . High oxytocin , low cortisol levels . Nothing can go wrong .

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