Sky High Slit Dress : Fashion Trend

Looking to add oomp factor to your look this season? We’re all about a good sky high slit.

Girls, now more than ever, are more confident and less afraid to, well, show off their skins. The trend for sky-high slit dress is in and trending in all fashion runways, streets and your favorite retailers.
Women are allowed to show some skin at never before places. Ladies everywhere will be showing off skin with their high slits. Whether it be skirts or dresses.
Leg-baring slits gained popularity in the 1970s — designers like Halston, Ossie Clark, and Givenchy celebrated the female form by cutting out a sliver of fabric, letting the wearer show a little gam while still leaving a bit to the imagination.

With that in mind, we created five outfits for a range of occasions, from the workplace to a hot date.

From thigh side slit dress , to double slit long skirts, to middle  slits showing deep thighs, the hot trend in this season is sky high slits –exposing  thigh and even more, these seriously dangerously high .It’s easy to wear high slit dresses at nightclubs and parties where light is dim and not much is visible, but it gets bit tricky to wear them on street as casual dress because of their ‘ultra-sexy’ factor!

Thigh level slit dress is the simplest way to make your legs look longer.


Just a shirt and a waist high slit.  Xenia great legs


Bella Hadid hip slit dress


slit-dress-without-underwearGwyneth Paltrow  in High slit dress.Revealing side cut open dress with no undies.


 Dayane Mello slit dressModels Dayane Mello and Giulia Salemi appeared on the Venice red carpet exposing too much for the shutters. Front high slit dress looks stunning.

slit-dress-cocktail-partyoffice-slit-dress tumblr_np3ud4dblf1sjqb0no1_500

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