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Breasts are beautiful. Big or small, they are one of the best things we can be proud of as women. They’re part of our bodies, as much as everything else is. We don’t need to change them,augment them, reduce them – but we respect the decisions of those who do.

boobsSo, how do you introduce your ladies in the best way possible without getting the wrong kind of attention? By showing their lovely boobs without looking cheap.

#1 Form Fitted dress. I would say this is the best option. A woman can highlight the nude, without having to show any skin at all. Just use a beautiful dress that hugs her body in all the right places.
Disburse a little more money you can get a good suit that is designed to hide unsightly bulges, while still making the ass and breasts look great. The key is to cover as much skin as possible, but still make it look like the other can have a look at his character.

# 2 The top narrow, loose bottom. You can always wear a dress, so it is best to use a tight-fitting top shirt without showing any cleavage. Make sure your pants or skirts are loose, but all attention will go to the upper body. An example of a good pair consists of a blouse in shape and free-flowing skirts. You can also opt for baggy jeans as fashion “boyfriend jeans”.

# 3 A good posture. Having a good attitude is like taking your trophy case. You can show the best parts of your body when you have a good attitude like legs, neck, buttocks and breasts. The best part is that your breasts are the first thing people will notice that you walk up to them.

#4 Underwire , hoop , hoop ! I would say this is the best innovation that gave women . No matter how small your breasts are hoops can make them look like balloons golden glow ! They are specifically designed to hug the bottom of the breast for maximum lift and comfort .
Not only helps to prevent breast sagging , and they make their breasts look more beautiful and uneventful . People are not concerned only about the size , you know . They also appreciatethe aesthetics .

# 5 Deep neckline , while the rest is covered . This is a trick by celebrities with more class . If you want to really make your breasts pop , ensure that they receive a fair amount of exposure . If you want to keep an elegant , take a long ankle- length dress free flowing sleeves .The dress should be sufficient to show a significant amount of cleavage adventure , but should not allow any other body part overshadow her breasts .

#6 Sexy Tops with cover-up. If you want to get your breasts noticed using sexy tops, while still maintaining poise and decorum, pair it with a blazer, jacket, cardigan or anything that works with your outfit. This way, you can still show off your boobs without looking trashy.

oobs# 6 Highlight your cleavage. You do not even have to show a lot of cleavage at the moment. One inch is enough, because what we are aiming is a subtle way to attract people’s attention. Use a highlighter dust in large parts of her cleavage. When light hits them, each in its immediate vicinity will have to stop and look. [Read: How to attract people in a way that can not resist]

# 7 Put your hair. To draw attention to your property, you have to carry all that hinders the view. I’m not saying that you should take your clothes off. Brush your hair to the side or put it in a ponytail or bun. In this way, people will notice your neck and torso.

# 8 Wear a neck piece elaborate. Another trick to secretly bring attention to their breasts to be something that will attract the attention of the surrounding area. Find a pendant or a cheap team to go with your necklace, and make sure it hangs down between her breasts. Make sure the computer is locked, without your scarf peak.

Ladies, it’s okay to use your breasts to get attention, but please be wary of why you are doing it in the first place. If you’re doing it because you know your girls are awesome and they
deserve to be the stars of the show, then go ahead and flaunt them

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