Your Short Skirt is Dangerous

Girls Short Skirt increases the temperature in already hot summer months.

Traffic accident rises in the month of July as male drivers get distracted by women skimpy outfits , claims Insurance company.

skirt-distration hot-mini-skirt The latest statistics show that 29 per cent of men admitted being distracted by short skirts and low-cut tops in the Summer weather, leading to record numbers of accidents on the roads.

allwomenwear-short-skirt And according to car insurance company Sheilas’ Wheels, the summer smash phenomenon is getting worse each year – in 2009 men made 16.4 per cent more claims during the Summer than in any other month.

girl-on-phone The insurance company also found that a quarter of male drivers have had at least one summertime crash or very near miss in the last five years, compared to just 17 per cent of women.

aww-short-skirt-girlMen are more visually orientated and so distractions such as an attractive woman walking down the street can quickly take their attention away from driving and the job in hand

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