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Sexy Teacher Costume – A Perfect Way To Seduce Him Without Touch

At some point of time the couples feel that everything is turning out to be routine. There is no zing in their bedroom life. Well, in this hectic life schedule one gets a very little time to spend in each other’s company and the majority of the time is gone in petty little fights and arguing. Your sex life is nowhere seems to be interesting. Definitely, to be together is not that one should be physically intimate – there is more to it but this certainly plays a vital role.

Do you want ideas to bring back that spark in your relationship? Do you want to be the only charming girl in your partner’s life? Want to try something new and out of the box – something bold, well you have come to the right place. With the ideas that you will read, you are sure going to be seduce your partner in all together a different way.

Show Him Your Oozing Sexy Side

Ladies, it is high time to come out of that comfort zone and turn on the sex Goddess within you. It is time to dress to impress. Out of all costumes that you might have planned in your mind- Sexy teacher costume will do the justice to spice up your bedroom life.

You Have Heard It Before – Being confident is attractive. Dress for the part and be prepared for what is going to happen next.

The Outfit- Sexy Teacher Costume

teacher-dressThe sexy teacher looks pair straight along with rigid line and subtle doses of seduction. This style avoids going “loud” – playing on the idea of quiet but seductress teacher so no wearing funky colors. Partially unbuttoned white shirt, sexy heels, red lipstick and dark stockings will be the key elements that will transform your entire look – from conservative to sultrier.

Begin dressing up with long sleeves full button down blouse. A white color does the magic, but you can also choose the solid color. A simple no nonsense blouse with no decoration is the best. Avoid large frills or a bow, small ruffles is fine…and most importantly leaves the few top buttons undone.

A knee length pencil skirt or a mini skirt with bit of flare is ideal. You can go for the solid print or choose stripes which just look perfect to show off your sexy rumps.

Wearing pantyhose- the idea is to draw the attention to the fact that you have some sexy beneath. Go for black or brown tones and no nylons.

Heels- we cannot do without heels. The costume is just not complete with one. The higher the heels the more it makes you look appealing and your man is sure to crave for more.

Coming over to the makeup and hairstyle, use neutral tones but your lipstick should be dark in color. Choose red, mauve, maroon kind of shades to enhance your pout. If you have a short hair just leave it bit ruffled, for medium and long hair you can choose to have a pony tail or curl them a bit from the end.

Last but not the least – wear plain glasses that will complete the look and have a stick and book in your hand to show your boldness.

Walk with the confidence and adopt that teacher manner for a while. Your man is sure to find this attractive. Let your partner get comfortable in bed and give a sensual back massage. You have half way reached there….let your partner come half way for you.

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