Sexy Schoolgirl Costumes to Spice your life


Valentines day has come and gone, but the romance does not have to end there. Keep the spark alive in your relationships all year round by experimenting with role-play in the bedroom. A lot of couples like to play with a dominant and submissive role in the bedroom, and what better for this than a being a naughty schoolgirl? Whether you are the sweet innocent student being seduced by an older classmate; or the raunchy young woman tempting her hot young tutor, these schoolgirl costumes are bound to get your partner’s heart racing.


If you are new to role-play and want to experiment with something sexy, inviting but at the same time not intimidating, then this is the outfit for you. The red and white tartan cups and pleated mini skirt makes this costume an erotic fantasy in an instant, whilst the black mesh covering up the stomach area tones down the asexy-schoolgirlttire whilst still keeping it inviting. This outfit is perfect for anyone who wants to dress up for their partner, but is perhaps a little bit nervous about showing off their whole body or surprising them with this role-play. However, your nerves will soon disappear as your partner will not be able to keep their hands off you after seeing the tiny tartan skirt skimming your buttocks, and the tempting tartan cups framing your chest.


For those of you more confident and looking to really get your partner hot under the collar, then choose the Extra Credit Fantasy Outfit. With a revealing tie-up top and a very short mini-skirt this is the Britney Spears of schoolgirl costumes. Lean over the desk to give them a special view and look every bit the naughty schoolgirl in this sexy and playful get-up. The costume even includes the stockings, so you can really get in to the role-play as you make your partner reach up to your thighs and roll them down. Make your partner say oops I did it again, as you bring passion and excitement to the bedroom.


This final costume is too hot to handle! This outfit will really spice up your life in the bedroom (or anywhere else yousexy-schoolgirl-dress choose to wear this!) With lingerie set combined with schoolgirl outfit, you could ever wear this under an outfit on a dinner date out with your lover. Arrive to dinner wearing this, with only the tie visible over your clothes, and your partner will know that they are in for a spectacular evening. Trying to contain your excitement in public will be difficult when you know what you will be doing later on. A great feature of this outfit is that there are so many elements- the thong, garter belt, balconette bra and necktie- all the more clothes for your partner to take off you, or for you to do a striptease to your partner with! Or, just remove the thong and keep the outfit on for an extra-naught experience.


Try the Sexy School Girl Costume to Spice Up Your Love Life.

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