Get the Sexy Hooter Girl Look

The “Hooter” is a well-known chain of restaurants in USA, spread across 400 locations as of now. Not just in USA, but the restaurant is booming its business in 27 countries other than USA. The reason behind the rising popularity of the place is none but the women employees – Hooter Girls. The Hooter Girls are the trademark of this restaurant that are hired to promote the company’s attention to the sex appeal and fun atmosphere. These are servers and employed for the serving jobs.

The Hooter girls serving job is fairly different from the usual jobs available in hospitality. Being server is a tough and when you are doing it with orange, shiny hot pants with a cleavage baring top with a wide eyed owl, well it only get sexier.

Want to look like an outgoing Hooter girl? Follow these easy-peasy steps:

Rule no.1 your makeup shouldn’t be bold and bright. It should appear natural to accentuate with the rest of your facial features. You can use soft natural shades for the eyes, lips and cheeks. Pink, brown, nude, and neutral shades are the perfect to go for.
Your hair are the best assets that enhances your personality, get a trendy styled hair cut suiting your features and see the difference
You do require a gloss, mascara and a lipstick and most importantly you will need the right makeup tools that can drastically change your look
The shape of your eyebrows can entirely change your look. Follow the latest eyebrow trends and ensure that you wax or tweak your eyebrows regularly.

Wear the light blush for the day and deepen the tone in the evenings and nights.

When applying the makeup, ensure that it blends well. It should not be looking as if you are having a mask on. Orange necks and faces that appear to be different colors are never attractive.
Lastly, follow the makeup trends smartly. Do not just follow for the sake of applying makeup. It should be creative and appropriate to maintain your image.

sexy-hooters-girlsThe Hooter Girls are expected to uphold the consistent image by maintain their figure, hair and makeup with a routine that provides a vibrant, wholesome look. Since, Hooters is known around the world, and people from all over come here to quench their curiosity. They want to have a picture with you, sing a song, hold your baby etc. It is a complete fun. You feel like a celebrity, so why not become one and show off to the world in a grandeur way.

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