Sexy Daisy Ridley Fashion Statement,the Rey of Star Wars 1

Daisy Ridley is a sexy British actress. Her previous roles have seen her on television shows such as Youngers, Silent Witness, Mr Selfridge and Casualty. Last year, on April 10th, 2014, it was announced that Daisy will be playing the part of Rey in the upcoming Star Wars movie: The Force Awakens.
Rey(Sexy Daisy Ridley) is one of the lead characters in the new Star Wars film, and is a big step in the industry for this 22 year old young woman. Although at present Daisy’s style is not that all that existent on the web, we are taking a look at how this beautiful young lady dresses to look her best.

Daisy Ridley fashion statement is both peppy and smart. Daisy was wearing a patterned blue dress, with flat black shoes she looks every bit the celebrity. At 1.7 metres in height, she is seven centimetres taller than the average British woman, who stands at 1.63 metres. This dress accentuates hdaisy ridley star warser height even more, by just reaching below the tops of her thighs, giving her a sexy look. By choosing a fit-and-flare style dress, Daisy avoids the dress clinging to her thighs and so keeps her look elegant, sophisticated and demure.
If you are tall Daisy, when wearing a shorter dress you should always opt for a looser material. A clingy material will draw too much attention to the length of your legs, making your dress look shorter and giving the impression of revealing too much.

However, if you are a shorter sexy lady, wear a tighter fitting dress if you want your legs to appear longer and over all give the impression that you are taller than you are.
The flared bottom of the dress always works well for Daisy’s slimmer and sexy figure. The flare gives her a softer, more feminine look. This is a great trick for any slimmer ladies wanting to create the illusion of curves. For those ladies who already are very curvy, it is better to choose a tight fitting dress and show off what you already have. If you wear a looser item it will skim over your body shape and not show the contours of your body.

The make-up choices of Daisy Ridley are natural with an emphasis on her eyes. She keeps colour to a minimum, only using a light peach blush to compliment her fair skin tone. As she has kept the majority of her face natural, our attention is drawn to her hazel eyes by her strong brow and long lashes.
This look can easily be recreated at home. If you are of fair skin and want to place emphasis on your eyes, follow Daisy’s lead. Use subtle make up on the face, a pink lip balm rather than a colour and a very light dusting of blusher. For your brows, use a powder or pencil to work with what you already have. Fill in your existing eyebrow; do not be too heavy handed as you do not want them to be noticeably drawn on.
For those of you who want to have a more vibrant, visibly made up look, use a brightly coloured lipstick. Bright reds work very well on very fair skin, creating a snow-white effect. For medium tanned skin, oranges and pinks really bring out the beautiful undertones you are working with. Dark skin is perfect for experiment with wild and vivacious colours – such as deep purples, dark reds, navies and bright pinks.

Hopefully we will see a lot more of Daisy Ridley in the spotlight this year – I am excited to see what look she will be rocking on the red carpet at the Star Wars premiere!

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