Sex Toys: A must to have an exciting sex life

Today, more than 40% of the men and women use vibrator during sex to enhance the sexual pleasure.Not only do men experience the pleasure perks of using a sex toy, but women too have reported better orgasm and stimulation after using vibrators. Men claim that by using sex toys, their orgasmic and erectile function becomes better.


Why do couples need sex toys?

Women are hard to satisfy:

According to a report by the Kinsey Institute, majority of the women require a degree of stimulation to achieve orgasm. On the other hand, men find it difficult to control their sex drive and are often subject to immature ejaculation. If as a women, you want to enjoy better stimulation, instead of trying fingering and tongue, try a sex toy vibrator that would help you experience a better orgasm.

Reduces pressure for men:

Well, it is common that men do not always hit the sensitive spot where you can reach by masturbating. By using a sex toy and bringing it between you and your partner, you will be able to free your man of the pressure of giving you the “high”. Sex life will become more tingly, relaxing and comfortable for both.

Multiple orgasm:

By releasing the pressure of pleasing one another, sex toys can help you open the door of multiple orgasms. It is scientifically proven that vibrators are able to enhance sexual pleasure and can intensify the sensual pleasure. Both of you will experience multiple orgasms that would keep you two going on and on.

New possibilities:

Sex toys add some flavor to your typical and boring sex life. With a sex toy, you are able to explore different ways of pleasing one another. It boosts the sexual bond and helps you remember the experience you had with one another for a long time. During such explorations, you are able to enjoy different positions that you otherwise would have shy-ed away from. So by bringing sex toys in your bed, you get to try something new every time.

Masturbating together:

Masturbating has always been a taboo. But when you masturbate together, you give each other the chance to learn about the hidden pleasures and desires. You and your partner would be able to assist one another in a new kind of sexual pleasure that was hidden before. It is also educational. Only a person knows what he wants and how he wants it from his/her partner. It is a way to explore more about the sexual desires about your partner. And we all know, satisfied partner means a healthy relationship.


Sex toys are not to be enjoyed alone. By using them together, a couple can take their relationship and sexual experiences to a new level. It takes the shame, shyness and pressure away.

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