School Girl Dress for your lover

Every man secretly longs for the virginal school girl, clad in Britney Spears-esque pigtails and uniform. Surprise your man tonight with your own version of the Teacher’s Pet!

school-girl-03Nothing makes a more intimate and very special moment, when it is expected to be dressed right for the occasion. When it comes to the room, the use of sets and costumes appropriate waiting to fly just for some sex related fun theme, sparks and explosions at night begins. Just a glace that your dressed come to light in one of sexy school girl costume, and all those hidden sexual fantasies and what happens next is a sexual unforgettable journey with many erotic and exciting surprises promised a good time something new and exciting in your sex life breathe.

school-girlWhen it comes to the bedroom, you want to dress your sexy best, so he can enjoy watching you before he starts taking each and every inch of clothing off you.

It’s secret guilt of every human being, even if you do not readily admits, but if there is anything that turns a man on it’s the sight of a young woman in school girls costumes, a reminder of his growing up years where testosterone came raging at the view of a sexy school girl  makes it harder and more diligently want to be a man. Well, remind him that the past may be over, but his high school girl fantasies can be made real.

schol-gilr=dressGive him no reason to lust and ogle at sweet sexy young school girls when you yourself  can kindle his desires by becoming the ultra hot and sexy  high school girl. olet him fulfil his  naughty fantasies with his own sexy school girl every night.


Why Men like school girls costume

: School girl dress  gives the illusion of innocence. Guys like the idea of someone who is supposed to be innocent acting naughty and doing things they know they shouldn’t, but can’t help themselves.


How to get the dress School Girl Dress:

Go shopping at your local mall. Search in the junior gilrs section of a department store.Once you find the skirt look for simple white shirt in journo section. Juniors clothing manufactures assume the pre-teens boobs will not be larger then  A-cupt, which is exactly what you want! You are looking for a shirt that fits your waist and arms, not your lovely shaped breasts. Ideally, you should be able to button it up to the bottom of your bra.



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