Click Perfect Sexy Selfie

Whether you use your cell phone or a professional camera, you can take some interesting sexy pictures of yourself for free ( selfie) – without expensive photo shoots or invite someone else to do it. We have created the following tips to help you achieve success when aiming That sexy […]

Hot Pants and how to wear them : Fashion Trend

Hot pants are extremely short shorts that were designed to be worn as dressy clothing for women are the new fashion trend Fashion experts says hot pants look like a natural evolution of the miniskirt getting more mini. The skirts were so short that expose underwear, so a kind of […]

Side Boob is the new fashion statement

You don’t have to show off frontal cleavage when you could show off side boob .Side boob has become the new cleavage among daring young celebrities who regularly appear on the red carpet at movie premieres, awards shows and other gala events. Whether it’sJennifer Lawrence at a “Hunger Games” premiere […]

Sky High Slit Dress : Fashion Trend

Looking to add oomp factor to your look this season? We’re all about a good sky high slit. Girls, now more than ever, are more confident and less afraid to, well, show off their skins. The trend for sky-high slit dress is in and trending in all fashion runways, streets and […]

Girls who Own iPhone are hot

Hot Girls Own iPhone, this is proved by various market surveys and girls selfies. iPhone girls selfie are always more hot then any other brand girl selfies. INQ CEO Frank Meehan thinks Android still isn’t androgynous enough. “If you go to a nightclub in any city in the world, the […]

One dress your boyfriend will love

There are many ways you can use your 2 assets for your advantage.Add to that is the fact that men are not hard to attract, especially if you give them a visual. You boyfriend will love to see you in simple with visually appealing dress. A subtle and innocent but […]

Why SchoolGirl dresses are getting shorter

Some one asked recently, “Why all this agitation on the subject of high schoolgirls’ dress?” Interest in this subject has certainly increased during the last several years and the high school girl herself is directly responsible for this interest. Dresses worn by girls secondary school in our country is gradually […]

SuperSexy Dresses of all times

There are attractive dresses and then there Supersexy dresses. Dangerous, powerful and attention grabbing. Although the standard flattering dress can show one of the best assets of the owner,  Supersexy dresses  a million cuts and the sample, the deployment of transparent panels, cuts, cuts bedazzlements – all that is needed. […]

Control your man and get it when you wanted

Valentine’s Day can be a celebration of love, underwear and Getting him, but why wait until then? If you are in the mood for some red hot action at this time to get the message instantly with the advice of Rachel Venning and Claire Cavanah, co-founders of the sex toy […]

Summer Dresses Boys loves to see on Girls

Summer means getting hot; i mean literally. Boys love to see more of skin to increase the hotness.We provide you some pointer to look smoking hot this summer. More Skin Show : The number one thing guys love about summer? Warm weather means way more skin on display. Remember to […]

Look sexy and glamorous in Indian saree

When all the girls all over the world stare at a huge closet full of black and blue and red dresses, trying and failing miserably to pick a unique outfit for the night, Indian girls have an easy way out – wear a saree! Trust me when we say it […]

Your Short Skirt is Dangerous

Girls Short Skirt increases the temperature in already hot summer months. Traffic accident rises in the month of July as male drivers get distracted by women skimpy outfits , claims Insurance company. The latest statistics show that 29 per cent of men admitted being distracted by short skirts and low-cut […]