My Short Skirt and Boyfriend

Boyfriends are in general very visually oriented, they get excited by the girl in short skirt. Guys loves and want girls to dress skimply in public or private.I started dating a guy about two months ago.skirt and boyfriend

I have very strong feelings for him and the sex is great. Being with him makes me feel amazing. I happened to mention to him a moment ago that from time to time I would go out wearing a short skirt without panties, just for the thrill of having a little secret. It seemed to be really excited about this me in short skirt with nothing under.

026ebe9b2dd931c80bd5d18ca5822ef3We went to dinner a few times and even went to eat with friends every time with me wearing a short skirt and no panties. I was fine with this and really found it quite interesting, especially the extra attention he was giving me. In fact, when we got back to the car once he took me against the car in a parking lot. The fact that all I had to do was lift my skirt to access my wet pussy and then pull down again after was a real thrill.

This whole idea of leaving but wearing a short skirt without panties seems to have gone to his head a little. He told me the other day that he had ordered a full load of skirts from online store for me, because I the once i had were not short enough. The next time I went around his home, I tried out for him. Without exception, all were much shorter than I’ve ever used before. The longest was a stretch of micro-mini dress that descended perhaps two inches below my butt when pulled down, the shortest denim skirts were ‘maverick both around 6-7 inches long. Both cover my pussy, but left an inch or two in the ass cheek openly visible.

Movies_Films_C_Californication_022986_I have no problem at all with the use of these in the bedroom, but he wants to take me out in public. I said I’ll think about it. Basically, I have a strong feeling that it will be very exciting for both of us for me to go out wearing something so revealing and I’m not particularly concerned about the people who see my private parts (sometimes I like enough to cause a reaction people).

I am  31 and enjoy wearing so called teen short dresses. I wonder if maybe the suits crotch-skimming would be better left to the younger girls. Again, my boyfriend keeps reassuring me that women in their 30’s and even 40 look better in skimpy outfits that younger girls if they are in good condition.


hot-girl-skirt sexy-girl-skirt girl in skirt

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