Monsoon Fashion Tread

Every season has its own dressing styles that are meant to exude elegance and comfort. When the rains finally begin, it will be time for everyone to adjust to proper attire that will be suitable for the weather without compromising on comfort and style. There is a plethora of choices with regards to this and in order to remain trendy with your dressing during this rainy season, incorporate the following in your wardrobe-


Light Clothing
There is always high humidity during the rainy seasons and this can cause a lot of discomfort with the heavy clothes. It’s therefore advisable to use light fabrics as they are versatile and more comfortable. Make cotton your fabric of choice for the tops, dresses, undergarments and bottoms during the rainy seasons.
Short Sleeves
Rainy season is not the time to display your designer long sleeved tops or trench coats. These will only make you uncomfortable and am sure you don’t want the embarrassment that comes with slipping off your coat at the train station only to find your body soaked in sweat as a result of the long sleeved top. Be comfortable by using simple short sleeved clothes.
Flat shoes
Flat shoes with peeping toes are not only flattering, but also warm and refreshing during the rainy season. This is not to mention their convenience when the rains begin without any warning and you have to dash for shelter. You might be tempted to do boots but their discomfort and the fact that many offices are a bit conservative in their dress codes makes them a tricky choice for such a season.
Umbrellas and handbags
This goes without saying but certain people are likely to forget about it. You need a cute little umbrella just in case the skies open up when you are in the open. You also need an appropriate handbag for the umbrella and where you can also carry extras such as a shawl and a pair of leggings should the weather get too chilly. You’d rather be ready than sorry in the changing faces of the weather during the rainy seasons.

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