Maxidress : Fashion Trend 2016

Top 5 Trends Maxi Dress

How to wear maxidress

Number 5: The leg thigh high slit


A long dress with a high cut thigh flashes the right amount of leg. This trend is very easy to carry because it shows the best legs, keeping problem areas (such as the back of the thighs) secret.

Number 4: Go backless!

When everything else is covered, skin shows an unexpected area like the back is very attractive! If you have a small chest or really perky breasts, take advantage of their ability to go bra less. Otherwise, a bra without sticky back works wonders.

Number 3: Malla cuts.

See through mesh cut outs are perfect for raising the attractiveness factor. It is the best way to feel naked when it is technically completely covered!


Number 2: The mermaid dress.

For the last couple of years maxi dresses have relaxed and fluid. The mermaid dress hugs your curves for maximum effect hourglass, but widens gently around the knee down. Very old-Hollywood glamor. Very atractive.

Number 1: a daring neckline!

For maximum appeal of your maxi, can not exceed a navel-grazing neckline. A V neckline lengthens the neck and draws the attention of girls and up to his face.


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