Match your dress to the season

summer-dressAccording to the seasons people change the pattern of wearing dresses as well as colors. The reason is the colors play a predominant role in the life of everyone.

The knit between the colors and the life of the people;

Colors are closely associated with each individual’s life.  According to the existing fashion, occasion and also the desire of the person the colors are chosen.  Populace selects the colors according to the personality and the skin color, i.e., skin’s overtone.  It depends upon the skin’s undertone which is determined by the elements such as hemoglobin, carotene and melanin.

The colors chosen during the seasons:

A man’s life is linked with the nature.  From the ancient time the Nature may be worshipped as God.  As seasons come under nature, more importance is given to the seasons.  People choose dark colors like bright red, blue, black, green etc during the winter seasons.  In the spring people prefer pleasant green, purple, sky blue etc and in the autumn people go with brown, grey etc.   More than the spring and the autumn people give more priority to the winter and the summer.  The reason is these two seasons affect their daily routine a lot.  In the summer people are not able to bear the heat.  So they opt for the light and the mild colors such as white, baby pink, sandal etc.  People mainly go for the colors which are all with white as the base.

Reasons for wearing light colored dresses in the summer:

  • The light colored dresses emit heat whereas dark color clothes absorb heat.
  • It soothes us during high temperature.
  • We do not sweat much.
  • As it protects us from the heat of the sun to certain extent we are away from the skin diseases like rashes.
  • In the hot summer, the temperature of the body is regulated.
  • As perspiration is lesser energy is sustained.


Technical study of black and white colors:

The dark color generates more thermal energy than the light colors.  This can be proved with a small illustration.  When a strip of black cloth is attached to a thermometer and exposed to sunlight the temperature soars higher than the thermometer which is affixed with the white cloth.


The mode of wearing dresses in the hot summer:

During summer people have to wear loose garments which will make them airy instead of wearing tight fittings.  Cotton clothes can be worn instead of synthetic or any other material because cotton clothes absorb the sweat whereas the other fabrics do not take in the perspiration.


Most of the people may be waiting for summer as it is the time for them to go with their families either to their natives or to meet their dear ones.  But for some of the people it is an irritating one as they cannot bear the soaring heat.  They tend to go to summer resorts to escape from the warmth of the sun.  In order to keep us comfortable from the high temperature of the sun and also to be away from skin diseases the light colored cotton garments will protect us. Apart from the colors and fabrics one should save oneself from the hot summer, by taking a lot of care in the dieting and also by drinking plenty of water.  Thus a person can save oneself from the extreme heat of the sun.

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