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Tattoos on women are sexy, but just like when you ‘re looking for a place to live , it ‘s all about location , location, location ! Here are some of the sexy spots on the body where getting tattoo will make you desirable – in the best way !

Simple and beautiful . Inner Wrist Tattoo placement is high atop the best places for tattoos for women compared to last year . And it is fully deserved , because this is the ideal place for ink ! It is not very painful , just hide ( with bracelets or a watch ) , a relatively fast cure and very elegant . More information you can find the ideal place for a tattoo ? Back to designing suitable only for small tattoos . It looks great with the names or  loved ones initals.

Girl cleavage  is perhaps the sexiest part of which can be signed with several designs sexy . However, it should be picky when selecting a perfect design as breasts are sensitive areas and will be hurt very easily. Some are too hard and will look trashy . So choose motifs that appear soft and charming as the one below. Splitting this beautiful girl has been signed with a bunch of red flowers held together by a large sparkling diamond . It is a love tattoo that looks very nice and soft ..
Still a nice place to get a tattoo is the back of the shoulder , because it is a place on the body that would not hurt so much as the rest of the order . Rama looked cute with some kind of motive , and cute looking bird tattoo seen carved on the girl . The bird is surrounded with the label that says ” heart means everything . ” The tattoo is nice and looks good here .
Tattoo on women TC-558cf4ee82498-dsc_0310_modified_large-500x600 To enhance your curves and feminine shape to consider placing a taboo tattoo just above his pants. Abdomen tattoos are suitable option if you are happy with your body and be realistic about how design can look later if you experience weight fluctuations . Moreover , he said, stomach tattoos are still undeniably sexy choice that should be taken into consideration if you want easy to hide design . Sweet cherries , Playboy bunnies and cats are provocative tattoo ideas that can come to play whenever you want ; with whoever you want.
Collar bone in the body is suitable for any type of design, and the best part is that you do not need to show off all the time ! Yes, it is , as a place where you can hide your tattoo if not for this show in public or in the office. Clavicle is very sexy place to get a tattoo as beautiful feathers inked image showing that transforms into a set of beautiful black birds to reach for the sky .

A girl can get different types of tattoos are inked on her front shoulders , but it is not a common place for soaked because everyone thinks that all cut , or on the back or the nape of the neck . However , this is just a wonderful place to want to show any kind of tattoo . Seen in the picture is very attractive design giant flower sign on the front shoulder girls . That’s the beauty of this design that attracts the attention of everyone who passes by !


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