Long-Distance Relationships

So far away, you are there and I am here. Still I want so bad to touch you. I want you to feel me inside of you. I want to make you feel things you have never felt before. They say its about not just the body but the mind and soul as well. So I sit here and contemplate that statement, and during the night as I sleep I think it came to me what this entails. You came to me in a dream wanting me as bad as I want you, needing me as much as I need you. Just then our bodies touched and we both felt each others sweat dripping down each other. While we go into the world of ecstasy , you start calling my name. Every time louder and louder, but then I awake in a could sweat. I realize it was just a dream and you were not really here. Then I speak to you on the computer kind of saddened wishing you were here. So till then I think we will just have that long distance sex in my dreams. Until you are here in my arms and I see what your body that I want so badly looks like with out anything on and ever so wet.

That was something true from heart but now How to keep Sex Alive In Distance relationship ?Distance need not be a barrier to sexuality. There are a number of things you can do to keep the sex life interesting even when you’re separated. Some of the ideas already mentioned here, such as sealed lists of instructions, work quite well over long distances; others are made easier by Webcams, phones, and other modern conveniences.

Some of the ideas discussed under “public play” work well over long distances, too. For instance, the dominant partner can send the submissive partner into a restaurant for dinner, then call the submissive on a cell phone during the meal and instruct him or her to go into the bathroom and masturbate. If the submissive partner has a cell phone with a built-in camera, a very nice variant on this idea is to instruct the submissive partner to take a picture of himself or herself right at the moment of orgasm, with the camera, and then send it to the dominant partner before going back out to finish the meal.

 Conventional Webcams make very good tools when you want to “reach out and touch someone.” Some of the things you can do are obvious, such as having your partner strip and touch himself or herself in front of the camera. Others are more fiendish, like:

Orgasm denial: It’s great fun to tell your partner to masturbate, over and over, then tell him or her to stop right on the edge of orgasm. Keep doing this for an extended period of time, then send your partner to bed horny and frustrated.

Choose a part of the body at random–breasts, cock, pussy, whatever. Focus on that part of the body; watch as you instruct your partner to fondle, tease, torture (with clothespins or rope or whatever you like), and otherwise stimulate that part of his or her body, only without touching anything else and without orgasm.

Messy fun: set up the Webcam near the shower and watch as your partner makes a mess on his or her body with finger paints, whipped cream, French silk pie, or whatever else strikes your fancy, then gets clean.

Text messaging: A few times throughout the day, the dominant partner sends the submissive partner a text; the submissive partner must then stop what he or she is doing and masturbate to orgasm within 20 minutes of receiving the text.

Online instructions: if the dominant partner has access to a Web server, he or she can leave written instructions for the submissive, much like the instructions you might put into a sealed envelope. The submissive partner logs on with the Webcam, reads the instructions, and does whatever the Web page describes while the dominant partner watches.

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