Ketty and Sexy Japanese SchoolGirl Costume

Boyfriends goes absolutely crazy whenever girls wear short skirts. Girls should  purposely wear it as a way to tease him whenever she wanted to get lucky. Ketty Story”We had been drinking a lot and one day I asked him what he thought about when I wore it. He blushed and told me that he had always liked the idea of dating a woman that would role play as a school girl for him. I thought about it for a while and pushed it to the back of my mind until I realized his birthday was quickly approaching. I wanted to do something super special and began looking online for school girl uniforms with short skirts.

I found lots of uniforms but nothing really stood out for me until I found the Sexy Japanese school girl uniform. I really liked the way it looked from the pictures and I knew the short skirt combined with the dark knee high socks would drive my boyfriend absolutely crazy. I went ahead and purchased everything in my appropriate size and when it arrived I was almost more excited than he was. I went ahead and tried it on and it fit perfectly.


japnesse-sexy-girlMy boyfriend had loved me many times before while wearing my short mini skirts and we both really got off on it. This time was going to be even more fun. I looked at my butt in the mirror and even when I slightly bent over you could see the bottoms of my round buttocks poking through. I put on a sexy black thong underneath, knowing he would be able to bend me over the counter and push it out of the way whenever he wanted. The thought drove me wild and I knew it would make him crazy too.


Finally, his birthday arrived and I put the Sexy Japanese school girl costume on and waited for him to get home from work. The moment he opened the door his jaw dropped to the floor and I could tell that he was excited. I gave him a few cute poses and even bowed for him giving him a glimpse of just how short my tiny skirt was. He wanted to touch me but I made him suffer through an entire homemade dinner with me bending over and showing him my apple bottom cheeks on multiple occasions.

I could see that he was growing hard underneath his pants more and more each time I bent over and let my short Japanese school girl skirt to expose me to him. Finally, after a while I was getting extremely horny just thinking about the pounding I was going to take and climbed onto his lap. He picked me up immediately and carried me to the bed where he laid me down and bent me over. My boyfriend pushed my tiny skirt aside and pushed himself inside me while holding onto my hips. After an amazing night of love making, he told me that it had been the best birthday present he had ever received.

What’s your story ?


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