Japanese schoolsgirls School uniform

japanses-schoolgirlMost Japanese schoolsgirls have their own “seifuku” (uniform), and in particular that schoolgirl uniforms has become a variety of unique styles. Tsukekae Seifuku is essentially a white blouse with detachable collars in different colours, so you can change them to create different looks. The collars come in three colours: navy, white, or grey.

One of the outstanding features of Japanese schoolsgirls uniform is the shortness of their skirts

. The most agreed schoolgirl skirt length is 15cm above the knee, but girls fold their skirts to make it really small after school. Japanese Schoolgirls used school uniform as a fashion statement and show of there legs in short skirts with innocent looks.
The culture began to wear short skirts when culture Gyaru trends in 90 affected by legendary Japanese pop star Namie Amuro with a super short skirt, thin eyebrows, and bleached hair. the school girls took their uniforms to school and began to make their shorter skirts.


How to make it? It’s easy. Basically there’s three ways.

1. Cut it off!
2. Fold over the waistband
3. Using “skirt belt”


However, lower hem skirt is risky because there is a “skirt length control” in schools. If you are caught with a shorter skirt that authorization will be punished. Therefore, folding the strip and using the “strip skirt” is more common.

Japanese SchoolGirls wear Shorter Socks to show more legs?

Apart form Japanese Schoolgirls Skirts and tops there is another feature that school girls are paying attention. It’s “Socks”.

Navy knee length socks became standard thing, some girls started to wear a little bit shorter socks which reveal the bottom part of knee little bit.And recently, the things have changed more. School girls started wearing shorter ankle socks, revealing their toned and sexy legs.


Japanese Schoolgirl uniforms is quite similar to sailor uniform.

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