How to keep long term relationship sexually active

Take boredom and long sex break out of you relationships. There are ample benefits to have sex regularly.


You really have to plan sex sometimes.
To get close enough to someone to go to the bathroom while the shower is the time to discuss your needs and desires in stronger terms than ever before – in a way that might be too shy to the early stages of their relationship . Not scare a person whose hair away from cleaning the bathroom; who they are already in it to win. They love you. Tell them exactly what you want and need, and set aside the idea that sex should always be spontaneous, or that two people should mentally anticipate what the other wants.

Of course, the eternal enigma: good sex in LTR means communicating verbally what you want with your partner, or sent to the crooked hot spontaneity. It is easy derivation, however. Talking about your wants, needs and how to apply them so that both feel satisfied before you start having sex. Takling in a completely other day is ideal; so it seems that all they do is come from authentic, spontaneous.

Try new things even if it does not excite you.
You do not have to love it , it does not have to turn on you , and you do not have to do it again if you were not in it , but the novelty of trying something new has two advantages .

First, it increases the production of dopamine in the brain . This creates a positive feedback loop of fever that can not be hurt to the point in their relationship when arousal basically mediated get morning wood in his lower back .

nhhgSecondly , it can be boring if you are trying something new . If it sucks, laugh about it and have more wired sex.

Explore more rather then just focusing on sex orgasm-sex.
After some time, couples in LTR learn exactly how to make each other climax. It was fun for a while until orgasms become routine and sex depends on what day you feel a little randy. But if we learn to view sex as a basis orgasm and less like mutual research body and what other feeling is nice, it forces you to new forms of contact and imagination can not find another way.

avoid long sex breaks.Have sex, even when you are not horny
Believe it or not, there is no harm in sex more often. The more you have sex is hotter and invest are likely to remain. So avoid long periods of drought wasting time, even when you do not feel like perpetuating the human race.

While sex or foreplay or do volunteer anything, it is possible that once you get going, eager to follow. Enjoy each other when you can keep up with the sexual life he craves. And remember that in the relationship, you will have to put in a little extra work

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