Hot Pants and how to wear them : Fashion Trend

Hot pants are extremely short shorts that were designed to be worn as dressy clothing for women are the new fashion trend


Fashion experts says hot pants look like a natural evolution of the miniskirt getting more mini. The skirts were so short that expose underwear, so a kind of short-formal pair of shorts, pants known as shorts, came into vogue.


Hot pants went out of fashion within a few years of its introduction, and usually are remembered as one of many fashion mistakes of the 1970s Since the late appearance has been rarely seen, though sometimes they have been seen in fashion models and celebrities.

However, hot pants made prominently on television rather early 1980 show The Dukes of Hazzard (1979-1985), in which the female protagonist wearing short denim shorts that became known as “Daisy Dukes” after his character.

Texas Southwest Airlines  the 1970s made it mandatory for all air-hostess to wear hot pants and leather boots, if they want the job.  Airline’s motto was  ‘sex sells seats’, girls were selected on their  sexy legs and looks.



Lengthen legs with a super high heel for a night out.

If you are not six feet tall, with hot pants with a pair of killer heels accentuate your frame needle and leave your tips in search long.


Cover the upper half with a sharp blazer.

There is no such thing as showing too much skin. Although the legs are exposed, an elegant jacket over a loose blouse will streamline the entire look.



Other simple ways to wear Hot Pants :

hoot-pnat dressuphotpant girl-in-hot-pant hot-pant

hot-pant-1 hot-pant-02 hot-pant09

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