Hallowen and your inner fantasies

Do you feel like put on a sexy dress, fishnet stockings and high heels, and perhaps red-haired wig. It seems that men love red head.

Halloween is a time to express your sexual fantasies and hidden desires.

for twenty-four hours you can be whatever you like to be. The special bonus about Halloween is being able to play the role of someone else without guilt, disdain, or judgment.


For mischievous adults, Halloween is more than just a chance to trick-or-treat, it’s an opportunity to take a walk on the wild side of the street and let our inner fantasies come to life

Goes the tradition of dressing up for Halloween back to Celtic times. There was a time when the winter was not afraid to think of the time darkness had no pen When the possibility of short food supply. SUPERSTITION dictated popular, if people left their homes, it would come ghosts *. In order to be recognized by these ghosts, masks were before venturing out. Therefore, they thought fainic of other spirits, and less likely to be harmed. There was magic and mystery in the derivation belief– is related to the mystery of changing another person for a day.

n-168630231-628x314It is interesting to study how people decide what they want to dress up as on Halloween. Do people choose costumes that are a reflection of someone they want to be, or never want to be?

Do people choose costumes that are a reflection of someone they want to be, or never want to be? In reality, the sky is the limit for the types of costumes we can all choose from. To decide on a costume, I suppose the first thing to do is to decide on the genre of the costume.

Do you like to be sexy, horrific, scary , funny (fascination with comics), or cute (a desire to be so)?

Think about how you typically dress and what attire that makes you most comfortable. Allow your imagination to flourish—this is the one day you can be whoever you want. It is a day to live out your inner hidden fantasies.

So if your sex life needs a spark, then light up the ol’ jack-o’-lantern and head out into the night. Or just throw yourselves a costume party for two.


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