You may have heard about the Free The Nipple campaign. The campaign, started by filmmaker Lena Esco, looks at the double standards of westernized society. Why is it that male breasts are allowed to be on show, but female breasts are considered vulgar and overly sexualised? Did you know, that until the 1930s, men were also not allowed to show their bare chests- that is until a group of originally four men began to protest the right to wear swim trunks and bare their torsos. After being arrested, then protesting again in larger numbers, in 1936 a court ruled them able to appear topless- deeming mens nipples ‘commonplace and natural’. So, are womens nipples not natural?

gobrafreeThis article is not going to focus on the campaign itself, and why women, if they chose to, should be allowed to appear topless. Instead, we are starting smaller- by eliminating the bra from female everyday dress code. The majority of women own a number of bras in different colors, different shapes and styles and for different outfits. The bra is a necessity for many women, just as much as briefs are. However, this fifteen-year study (see here:http://www.connexionfrance.com/Bra-support-damage-professor-Rouillon-back-pain-nipple-14626-view-article.html) states that

“medically, physiologically and anatomically” women do not gain anything by wearing a bra, not even support in the long term. So, ladies, is it time to throw away those bras, and #freethenipple?

braless-dressThe only person who is forcing me to wear a bra is me

No-one is making you wear a bra. The only person who forces you to wear a bra, is yourself. Sure, there are advertising campaigns that focus on how the cleavage of a woman can be improved by a bra, and there are always films scenes suggesting that all women should always be wearing a matching underwear set at all times (seriously- if I am ever in the situation where my dress gets ripped off by an elevator, you are not going to find me standing in a hallway trying to cover up my agent provocateur lingerie set), however, we know that women are constantly sexualised by media and society. Although it may seem like every other woman in the world is wearing a bra, this is no reason for you to do the same. If you don’t want to, then don’t do It! The only reason that you should be wearing a bra is for yourself- you do it because it makes you feel good, not because anyone else thinks you should.

No one can tell the difference anyway

Really- no one can! If you are a smaller breasted lady, then you do not need to be wearing a bra anyway. It will make no difference to how you look through your clothes. If you are more ample breasted, then it may make a slight difference, but not much. Especially if you wear bras without underwiring- then really, no one will be able to tell! For those women who have been wearing bras their whole lives, unfortunately you now may have become dependent on them. The research states that wearing a bra from puberty means that “supporting tissues will not grow and even they will wither and the breast will gradually degrade”.  Whilst this is not great news for us more mature women, do you think that the couple of centimeters your breasts are lifted are really that noticeable anyway?

Going without a bra for a while can actually be a nice vacation for your boobs

Going bra-less creates so much more freedom. Firstly- there is the freedom to wear whatever you like, without having to dig out that strapless, backless, stick on bra! Your breasts will be free to sit nicely in any cami-top, backless top and halter. Secondly- there is the actually rest that your body gets from going bra-less. No more straps digging into your shoulders, or weight being hoisted up on your chest. I Going without a bra makes you feel so much more comfortable, with no cups restricting your breasts you will literally feel like a weight has been lifted.

No one will freak out about your cold nipples if you don’t freak out.

One of the main concerns women have about going braless, is their nipples showing when it is cold- remember, they are only nipples. They are the most natural things in the world. Every human has them, and they come in all different shapes and sizes, so no-one is going to judge you if your nipples are showing. If they do, then they are very immature. If men can have their nipples on display, they why can’t women?

There you have it- the reasons why you should consider going braless- especially if you are a teenager. Stop the habit of wearing bras now, and you will never have to wear another bra for the rest of your life. Free the nipple, and feel the benefits!

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