Girls Self Confessions – What men cant resists.

“Sometimes I take my boyfriend browsing in lingerie stores. Being surrounded by that silky stuff turns us both on. When we get home, I show him my own lacy undies.” –Finula(*), 27

“I bend over my man and lightly drag my long hair over his back, butt, and legs. He loves the way the strands feel grazing his body.”–Rebecca, 24

“I’m normally pretty shy in the sack, but one day I watched this steamy sex movie and got inspired. When my guy came home, I pulled him into the bedroom and pretended I was acting in the flick. He was totally turned on by my role reversal.”–Rosa, 21

“My man and I play this game: We ask each other trivia questions, and if the person gets it right, whoever asked has to take off a piece of clothing. The emphasis on slowly undressing really puts us in the mood.”–Melanie, 20

“I wake my husband up in the morning with oral sex. I start slowly and softly, and when he opens his eyes, I give him the full deal.”–Kendra, 27

“Sometimes I’ll indulge my guy on his terms. I put on music, slip into his old football jersey, and do it on the couch while the game’s on.”–Chris, 25

“I interlace my fingers and move them up and down my man’s penis. He loves the added friction from the inside of my knuckles.”–Samantha, 28

 “I take a warm bath, shave my legs, and lather on lotion. Then I put on one of my man’s white tee shirts with nothing under it, and I cook us dinner. When he gets a peek at my naked buns as I bend over to grab a dish, he says he can hardly wait to have me.”–Nicole, 28

• “Guys flip when I kiss, lick, and suck their nipples.”–Amy, 27

• “My guy digs it when I kiss his earlobes. It sounds simple, but he says it makes his knees weak.”–Deirdre, 23

• “Three things: Enigma, Barry White, and Sade. Listen to their music and it’ll all happen naturally.”–Holly, 29

“I have a lacy white teddy that my boyfriend loves. Sometimes he’ll call me at work and ask if I’ll wear it that night. He says just thinking about it keeps him excited all day.”–Maria, 26

“I caress my guy’s perineum (the area between his anus and testicles) with my fingers. When I lightly massage that spot, he starts moaning.”–Elena, 29

“At the movies, my guy and I hold hands, and as I massage his palms and fingers, the sexual tension builds. By the time we get to the car, we’re all over each other.”–Amanda, 26

• “I let my man brush my hair and put lotion on me after I shower. It’s really sensual, and all that touching pumps up our passion.”–Yvonne, 27

• “When I kiss my man, I take his tongue in my mouth and gently suck on it. It sends him into orbit!”–Jamie, 21

• “To get totally turned on, I just think of the intense way he looks at me when I’m climaxing.”–Laura, 26

• “I drive my guy wild by pressing my breasts into his back when we’re out at a crowded bar. Then I whisper in his ear, `I want you so badly.’ No surprise, we’re home in minutes.”–Lizzie, 26

• “I have long nails and I use them to tickle my guy’s entire body–his back, legs, and chest.”–Jacqui, 27

• “My boyfriend and I videotape ourselves having sex, then we wait a few months before watching it. It’s like seeing Titanic again–you know what happens, but you can’t remember the exact sequence or any of the details. It’s always exciting!”–Tamara, 28

• “I smear scented oil all over my man’s penis and let him slip inside me. The friction warms up the oil and makes for the hottest sex.”–Heather, 23

• “My man and I have a code phrase for sex. It started out as `Want to make some bacon?’ Now when we’re in public, he’ll say, `I could go for a hot dog right now,’ and I know just what he means. It makes us laugh, and no one knows it means we’re horny!”–Abby, 25

• “My guy gets off when I dress my sexiest and then go out in public and flaunt it. After turning a lot of heads, we go home and he tells me how lucky he is while we’re making love.”–Deb, 27

• “Sometimes when my guy gets out of the shower, I’ll blow his body dry. The coolness of my breath on his warm, wet skin sets him into gotta-have-it motion. When we’re through, he needs another shower!”–Leanne, 28

• “My boyfriend loves to feel in control, so sometimes I’ll let him dominate me a little, and it drives him wild. He ties me up, whispers naughty things in my ear, and has his way with me. Then we trade positions and I take charge.”–Sara, 25

• “When it comes to oral sex, I’ll tease my boyfriend and refrain from giving him too much stimulation all at once. I start by slowly moving my tongue up and down his penis, making sure I’m really gentle. Then when he starts begging for more, I’ll get my lips involved, alternating the pressure. The changes in pace anti rhythm practically make him scream.”–Christianne, 25

“My fiance and I like having sex in really small places–like in a car, on a chair, or even in a closet. He loves that he can position me against a wall or the back of the chair without having to hold me up. It’s our guaranteed-to-both-come-quick trick.”–April, 25

“I pamper my guy with an allover body massage, but not just arty massage! First, I let him watch while I rub off on myself (he usually asks to help, but I don’t let him!). Then I have him lie down on his stomach, and I rub the oil ‘all over him by lying on top and moving my naked body up and down his. He’s ready to get down to business before I even start to use my hands.”–Simone, 28

• “I give my man what I like to call the hot and cold treatment. I get a cup of ice and a cup of hot tea. First, I put the ice in my mouth, and when my tongue gets really cold, I give him intense oral sex. Then after a sip or two of hot tea, I take him in my mouth all over again and do my thing. The changes in temperature against his skin absolutely kill him!”–Diane, 28

•“I don’t worry about my body during sex. If I feel icky one day, I’ll just put on his work shirt and leave it on, or I’ll dim the lights and use candles to enhance the mood. That way I can let loose and enjoy myself.”–Ashley, 28

• “My fiance loves when I lubricate his penis with lotion and then run my hand up and down it while twisting my wrist in a corkscrew motion. The key is to rub over and then back down the head of his penis every time. He says I’m very talented.”–Hillary, 20

• “I rub an ice cube up and down my guy’s back. He squirms when the water drips down his body–and when I lick it off, he’s in ecstasy.”–Kate, 23

• “Sometimes my guy and I speak with foreign accents while we’re having sex. It always, gets us giggling. I think it’s sexy when you can laugh while you’re doing the deed.”–Sybil, 24

• “When we’re in the missionary position, I don’t just lie there. I move with my man. And I don’t force myself to try to have an orgasm–I prolong it and wait for that uncontrollable feeling to just take over my world.”–Evelyn, 23

• “I have my man enter me from behind as I squeeze my vaginal muscles around his penis. He says it gives him an incredible orgasm.”–Dana, 28

• “I’m a conservative dresser, so sometimes to shock the pants off my guy, I’ll wear a short skirt, heels, and bright red lipstick. When he gets home, he just grins mischievously.”–Giselle, 26

• “My boyfriend and I use at least three different positions each and every time we have sex–and we never get bored!”–Michele, 24

• “Instead of going straight for his penis, I tease my man by kissing and licking his inner thighs and stomach. It gives him time to anticipate the thrill he’s about to get.”–Maya, 23

• “When I tell my guy I’m not wearing any underwear when we’re out in public, he’s all over me.”–Karen, 28

• “I add a risk factor to make sex exciting. If my guy and I are having friends over, we’ll do it in the kitchen right before they arrive. It’s the ultimate quickie experience.”–Gina, 27

• “When my guy and I perform oral sex on one another, we always have something minty in our mouths. It creates an exciting hot-cold sensation. Now we buy Altoids in bulk.”–Pamela, 27

• “When I’m on top, I like to pull one leg up along the side of his chest and leave the other straight out behind me. Then I’ll slowly alternate legs. The muscle contractions drive my man crazy.”–Adrienne, 26


“All have to do to send my guy over the edge is tell him I’m leaving the light on. He knows that’s my way of telling him, `I’m ready to give you oral sex–and you can watch.’”–Tracy, 24

• “I’d heard that people get super turned-on after exercise. So we jump in the shower after a run, lather each other up so we smell great, then go have wild sex. It’s exhilarating.”–Emily, 27

• “There’s a mirror on my closet door that I angle right at my bed. When my man and I get busy, we have the perfect way to watch, which is a total turn-on for us both.”–Jen, 25

• “I e-mail my man short erotic stories that I write myself. Then when we’re together, I ask him to act out everything that I sent to him. It’s a great way to communicate my sex fantasies, and he loves it because he knows I’m more open about what turns me on than I ever could be when we’re lying in bed together face-to-face.”–Jill, 27

• “When I’m alone, I dream about all the exquisite sexual things my partner and I are going to do later on that night. Like if I’m doing the dishes, I imagine him coming up behind me and running his strong hands over my hips, pulling me closer to him. Or I dose my eyes when I’m in the shower and think about what his lips will feel like when he kisses my naked body. By the time we see each other, I’m totally aroused and ready for mind-blowing sex! And anticipating the thrill makes me hotter than normal–which excites him beyond belief.”–Carolyn, 22


“Since my fiance and I are both so busy, we have what we call Naked Night every Wednesday. We take off all our clothes when we get home after work, keep the TV turned off, and concentrate all of our energies on each other. It gives us something to look forward to and gets us through the workweek with a smile.”–Julie, 27


“My boyfriend and I have a mental checklist of all the states that we’ve had sex in. Our goal is to hit all 50, It’s fun and it makes for really hot pull-off-the-highway sex when we’re road-tripping. He loves the thrill of doing it in the car, especially if there are people around.”–Shauna, 28


“My guy and I like to have what he calls stealth sex. We try to do it as quietly and with as little motion as possible, making sure the bed doesn’t squeak. We perfected our technique in college when we both had roommates–and it’s really hot!”–Stacy, 24

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