Know the nipples

I think I’ve seen it all when it comes to the nipple sizes, shapes , colors and textures ? Think again ! We are talking of eight different types of nipples .

So , you think you’ve seen everything ? We think not . We are looking for eight quite normal , but definitely different types of warts available for the world to experience !

# 1 hairy nipples . Just as some people can grow hair around the areola , so that the woman ! Nipple hair are common in women . Thus , women can have pubic like hairs growing around the outside of the nipple . While in some cases this may be due to more serious problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome or Cushing’s syndrome , in most cases , it’s just one of those normal * , but never talked about * things that are happening on a regular ole tits ! And for those frowns on those with nipple heads of women , we can say : All you need is a pair of tweezers pulls her to look like new . Who knows , your girlfriend can be a sport hidden hairy Nips and may be any smarter !

# 2 Third nipple: The third nipple or more professional referred to as supernumerary nozzle form is a little, well, wart that occurs on the body. While these nips can grow anywhere, including the face, often referred to as a third nipple when they occur in the chest. While can not seem to science to reduce exactly why some people are born with this phenomenon can be sure, it is rare, but it happens!

#3 Bumpy warts. Have you ever noticed small bumps around the nipple? It may look like pimples, but never grows “head” in them. Although you may be feeling like your breasts are out of the box, they are actually quite normal!

These bumps are called Montgomery glands, and all women who have! These glands secrete oil and help maintain lubricated and flexible nipples. Like the rest of the body parts and packages differ from one person to another. Some may be more or less pronounced and can vary in color and size, but all are perfectly healthy and normal.

# 4 inverted nipples . You know how to belly buttons or can be considered as ” inside” or ” outside” ? Well , the same can be said for warts . Inverted nipples breasts where the nipples point inward instead of outward . Some doctors suggest massaging the nipple to encourage them to leave, while others have them suck their peers to lure to the foreground * and well , just for fun * A small number of women may have trouble breastfeeding their innie ! ‘ ; However , breastfeeding is definitely not impossible .
# 5 long nipples . When someone says that the nipple is long , it is likely to refer to the very belly . Some girls have very long nipples , while sucking and boring absolute breeze . This type of wart normal , even has his own fetish porn !

# 6 huge nipples. This loose often denotes a higher average than the areola, rather than just the nipple. Female areolas increases as it passes through puberty. While the majority areolas increases proportionally with the size of the female breast, some may get massively huge, even smaller breasts! These large areas are completely normal pigmented and certainly twisted later. * On the other hand, what it is not these days? *

# 7 tiny tiny nipples. * Male nipples consist of the nipple or areola * have another brand of warts that has to do with genetics. Although most warts expand in size during puberty, it is not always the case. But hey, are small warts attractive, too!

# 8 Apartment / puffy nipples. As the name suggests, these warts often acquire a swollen appearance, swollen, or can be placed completely flat * as my man proposes its former is * in the chest. These are most common during adolescence; However, all contact lines are different and can function as flat or swollen or just in his mature years!

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