Girl Crush: How do you know if it is friendship, or more?

For the female race it can be difficult to distinguish between friendship and romance, especially if you have never had feelings for the same sex before. As teenagers and young adults especially, females are very close to each other- sleeping in the same bed, getting changed in front of one another, hugging and holding hands. However, how do you know that these feelings you have been having are more than the warm glow of friendship, and actually the slow burn of romance?

kiss_lesbianThe way you talk to her

Best friends want to share everything. They want to tell you what they did today, who they saw, who said what to who in the queue at lunchtime. When I was younger, I would spend all day in school with my best friend then two hours on the phone every night as well. I have no idea how we had that much to say to each other. However, if you have romantic feelings for this girl, then you talk to her in a different way. You don’t talk to her about any crushes, or anyong crushing on you. You hardly talk about yourself at all. Instead, you want to listen to her talk. You want to hear everything she has to say, and find out every little bit about her life.

You are jealous of her boyfriend

It is normal of the best friend to be jealous of the boyfriend. They are stealing your friend away from you, taking up all of their time. Instead of hanging out with you every day, they now only see you twice a week and that upsets you. This does not mean that you are gay. But, if you are jealous of her boyfriend because he gets to touch her, he gets to cuddle up to her during the movies, he is the one who can kiss her on the mouth- that is more than friendship jealousy. If you try to shut it out when she talks about how great he Is, and flinch every time they crush, then you got it bad for your best friend.

You kissed once, and you can’t stop thinking about it

Many close girl friends will have kissed one another. For a dare, or on a drunken night out- I can safely say that I think I have snogged every one of my female friends. It’s just something that happens. You kiss, you wake up the next day, talk about it and laugh. If you are not waking up and laughing, if instead you are waking up with butterflies in your stomach, going over and over that image in your head, the way her skin felt and the taste of her lips- you are gay, or bisexual.

You can’t stop thinking about her

With your best friend, it’s natural to want to do everything with her. To check out the latest movie, to go shopping, to go to that party next week. If they can’t make it, it’s a bummer, but you will still go anyway- alone or with other friends. However, if you cannot see yourself being able to do anything without her, this is another sign that this is a real deep crush. You want her with you all the time- lying next to you in bed, staring at the ceiling doing nothing, finishing that boring history assignment, washing their hair with you in the shower. Every second of the day, you want them by your side.

Hopefully this article helps you realize what you want from this girl. The truth is, if you have feelings for her, you probably are more than just friends. Don’t stress, and don’t freak out- just subtly test the waters, then if it feels right, let her know your true feelings. You never know- she could be feeling just the same as you.v-les

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