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Would you like to experiment with toys , but not sure where to start? This guide explains how to choose the perfect for beginners  toy for you , and shows how to find exactly what you need.


Whether you want to start small with a bullet vibrator or fancy trying anal sex toys , we used the user to choose the best toys beginners to try out .

What do you like?

I’m a WOMAN looking for…

Try a…
External clitoral stimulation Clitoral Vibrator, Bullet Vibrator, Extra Powerful Vibrators
Internal vaginal or G-spot stimulation Dildo, Classic Vibrator, G-Spot Vibrator
Both clitoral and vaginal stimulation Rabbit Vibrator
Lifelike look and feel Realistic Dildo, Realistic Dildo Vibrator
Something very discreet Mini Vibrator, Extra Quiet Vibrator

I’m a MAN looking for…

Try a…
Lifelike look and feel Realistic Vagina, Fleshlight
Discreet and non-anatomical Male Masturbator, TENGA Toy
Realistic sex Sex Doll
Prostate stimulation Prostate Massager

We’re a COUPLE looking for…

Try a…
A sex toy to improve sex Vibrating Cock Ring, Cock Ring
A sex toy to use together on him Male Masturbator, TENGA Toy
A sex toy to use together on her Bullet Vibrator, Remote Control Vibrator
Something a bit kinky Blindfold, Feather Tickler, Pair of Handcuffs

Sex Toy Terms Explained :

The term “adult toys” encompasses a wide variety of products designed to enhance sexual stimulation and pleasure. This glossary introduces the terms associated with many common types of sex toys to assist shoppers with their buying decisions.

Anal beads

A sex toy that consists of round beads held together by plastic or silicone tubing or mounted on a probe or wand; The toy causes sexual stimulation when pulled in and out of the anus and can be used by both men and women. Battery-operated anal beads that produce vibrations are also available.

Arousal gel

A topical product that enhances blood flow to the genitals; Sometimes called a sensitizer, an arousal gel heightens sensitivity and can help stimulate erections, increase vaginal secretions or create enhanced sensations during intercourse. The gel may be applied directly to the genitals, massaged on with the fingertips or used as a lubricant on an adult toy.

Ball gag

An adult toy often used during bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism (BDSM) play; Different styles of the gag exist, but all feature a silicone, rubber or plastic ball that is inserted into the mouth to prevent the wearer from making sounds. The straps of the gag may be fastened with Velcro, leather straps or ties to hold it in place.

Bullet vibrator

A small, battery-operated sex toy that produces tiny rapid movements when engaged; Used by women, bullet vibrators can stimulate the clitoris or the first few inches of the vagina. The compact size of the sex toy makes it a discreet option for traveling and allows for easy storage.

Butt plug

An adult toy used for anal play; Usually crafted from silicone or plastic, the toy is shaped like a cone and has a flanged end that remains on the outside of the body and holds the toy in place. Butt plugs are sold in a wide variety of sizes and are appropriate for both men and women.

Clitoral vibrator

A battery-operated sex toy for women that may be crafted from silicone, metal or plastic; Made in many different shapes, this toy produces small movements against the clitoris. Due to their design, these toys are usually intended for external use only, making them ideal for women who derive pleasure primarily from clitoral stimulation.

Couples ring

A sex toy fabricated out of plastic or silicone and designed to enhance vaginal intercourse; The ring slips over the penis and is slid toward its base over top of a condom (if one is being used). During vaginal penetration, the ring produces friction against the clitoral area and helps the male maintain an erection.


A topical gel, cream or lotion applied to the penis prior to intercourse and used to address concerns of premature ejaculation; These products contain a mild non-prescription-strength topical anesthetic, such as lidocaine. Upon application, the anesthetic limits the conduction of impulses along the nerves, decreasing sensation. While a man can still have a satisfying climax when using a desensitizer, it takes longer to occur.


A sex toy commonly used by women during masturbation, foreplay and as a substitute for vaginal intercourse; A dildo may be constructed of glass, metal, silicone, leather, rubber or plastic and has a rod-like shape with a rounded tip. Some styles are molded to resemble penises. Battery-operated, vibrating dildos are also available.


Typically a long, flexible sex toy with a phallic shape that is used for masturbation or simulating intercourse; A specialty variety of the sex toy features two ends used for simultaneous penetration of two female partners. This is called a double dong. Occasionally, the term “dong” is simply used as a synonym for any type of dildo.

Egg vibrator

An adult toy for women made of plastic or silicone that has an oval shape, similar to that of an egg. Egg vibrators are attached to battery packs, which are used to start and stop the rapid movements of the toy. This type of sex toy is used purely for G-spot and vaginal stimulation.

Feather tickler

A variety of sex toy that consists of a tuft of feathers mounted on the end of a stick, which serves as a handle; Ticklers are used as part of foreplay to stimulate erogenous zones and create feelings of arousal. Sometimes, ticklers are included in BDSM play, but they are not exclusively BDSM toys.

Female moisturizer

A topical intimate care product used to address symptoms of vaginal dryness in women; Moisturizers come in gel, cream and lotion forms and are applied to the vulva to alleviate discomfort. These formulas are lighter in weight than lubricants and become quickly absorbed by the skin. As a result, they are usually not suitable for use during intercourse.

Finger teaser

A sex toy worn on the finger and used for stimulating the clitoris and vagina; Usually made from silicone, finger teasers have a rod-like shape with a slight curve at the end and are suitable for masturbation and foreplay. Styles include sleeves that cover the entire finger and ring-mounted designs that rest above or below the finger.

Firming cream

A term for one of three types of topical sensual enhancement products. Breast firming cream improves the feel of the breasts, while vaginal firming cream is formulated to tighten the vaginal walls to make sensations more intense during sex. Penis firming creams are aids for men who have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection.

G-spot vibrator

A handheld sex toy designed to stimulate the G-spot, an area inside of the vagina marked by a high concentration of nerve endings that create intense sensations when stimulated; G-spot vibrators may differ in style, but they are generally long, battery-operated toys with a curved end. When powered on, they produce fast movements.


A term related to exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which support a woman’s lower urinary and reproductive organ; Kegel toys or pelvic exercisers are therapeutic products that help to tone these muscles. They are most commonly used to address symptoms of urinary incontinence or a reduction in vaginal tightness.


A topical substance, usually in the form of a gel, that reduces friction to make anal or vaginal intercourse or masturbation more pleasurable; Sometimes called lubes, lubricants are classified by the types of materials that serve as their bases. Oil-based, water-based and silicone-based lubricants are the most common types. Specialty lubricants, such as flavored varieties, are also offered.


A sex toy intended primarily for use by men during self-stimulation; This type of adult toy is a sheath made of silicone that is pulled onto the penis and then used to stroke the shaft. Styles range from plain, smooth sleeves to molded varieties that are painted to resemble vaginas.

Nipple clamps

A type of sex toy primarily associated with BSDM play; nipple clamps are metal or plastic devices that exert pressure on the nipples either to produce a pleasurable sensation or pain. Both men and women can receive stimulation from nipple clamps, but women more commonly wear them.

Penis pump

A device typically used as a method of addressing erectile dysfunction; Penis pumps consist of a plastic or glass tube that fits over the penis and is attached to a rubber bulb via thin plastic or latex tubing. When the bulb is depressed, it creates a strong suction that stimulates the penis, causing it to harden.

Penis ring

In adult toy terminology, a plastic or silicone ring worn at the base of the penis during intercourse; The purpose of a penis ring is to control the rate of flow of blood to the penis. As a result, the ring can help some men achieve harder, long-lasting erections.


Natural chemicals that trigger feelings of arousal or that heighten them; the human body naturally secretes pheromones, but levels can be supplemented as a sexual aid. Often, pheromones are added to body sprays, colognes and perfumes to serve as an aphrodisiac. Some massage oils and lotions also contain pheromones and can be used as a part of foreplay.

Pleasure balls

Sex toy designed for women that consists of two plastic, metal or silicone balls joined together with a string and attached to a handle; The pleasure balls are worn inside of the vagina and retrieved by pulling on the handle. The purpose of the balls is to stimulate the interior walls of the vagina as a woman moves.

Positional furniture

Gear used to facilitate sex; Positional furniture comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and is used to prop up or support the body in sexual positions. This is beneficial when trying new sexual positions as well as for people with limited flexibility.

Prostate massager

Adult toy designed specifically for use by men; Typically, prostate massagers are shaped like a curved rod and are longer than a typical dildo. When inserted into the anus, the toy is able to reach the prostate through the walls of the rectum and produces tiny, rapid movements to produce pleasurable sensations and, in some cases, induce orgasm.


A specialty style of vibrator intended for women; A rabbit vibrator is largely the same as standard dildo style vibrators in that it has an elongated shaft and a rounded tip for vaginal penetration. The difference between the toys is that a rabbit also has a smaller attachment shaped like a rabbit’s ears that remains outside of the body to stimulate the clitoris.

Restraint system

Sexual gear typically used for BDSM play; Restraint systems prevent or limit the amount that one partner can move, leaving the other partner free to stimulate them. Restraint system types include simple silk or leather ties, metal or leather shackles, metal handcuffs and elaborate systems that hang from the ceiling or travel under the bed.


Sex toy that allows women to simulate sex without a partner; Some rockers are simple plastic or silicone dildos mounted on a curved base similar to that of a rocking chair. Others have the dildo attached to a large wooden frame that swings back and forth. Both styles are straddled and then manipulated by the user.

Vibrating ring

Sex toy designed for use during vaginal intercourse; Made of latex, silicone or plastic, the device consists of a ring attached to a very small clitoral massager. When worn on the penis, the tip of the massager stimulates the clitoris, while the ring controls blood flow in the male genital region to prolong the experience.


A sex toy primarily designed for women, but usable by men for anal stimulation; Vibrators receive power from batteries or an electrical outlet. When engaged, the toys produce rapid, tiny movements that can stimulate the genitals, usually the interior of the vagina or the clitoris. Many types of vibrators are available with the toys classified by their purposes and shapes.

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