Enjoy the rain with your partner

The rainy season began . Oh joy. For some it’s a blessing , it will now fill the water tanks and barrels with water. For others , it’s a curse. They are afraid of the houses and their crops will be destroyed by the floods. But surely there are more people , young and old , men and women who have this season for good purposes.

rain-sexWhy rain and sex so connected ? Theory “that women are emotional creatures who yearn through a romance romantic relationship.” Dark “says assistant and” cold “with romance. We love a romantic dinner in low light, as is the case in this type of “dark”, and we see only us and this type exists, and when we are in the film, and is very fresh, and prefer to leave the jackets we have in the house, because we believe that the adoption of a romantic relationship. Even when rains, a “dark” shouts the romance place automatically for us, cold calling at body temperature (and not a blanket) that will give caresses and love. therefore, we started sending subliminal messages because we are in the heat. Boys only know the answer to that.

From what I gathered, men and women guess the rain turns to the other. An unwritten, could call. I guess the concept of rain is not understood; maybe it’s just something we accept. But because it works so well in the romance department, why not turn on the air conditioning, close the curtains and light some candles to set the mood?v-moonsoon

We come to you six main reasons why sex is the monsoon on everyone waiting for this special season of love.

These are some of the naughtiest sexual ideas we came up to the monsoon sex even curlier, and so, for lack of a better word, wet. 😛

Car sex is always hot; but when it is pouring cats and dogs outside, it is magnified tenfold. Departure to unknown lands, and when no one is around, down to do the dirty. Your relationship will never be the same ..

The use of food for sex is good, but makes it more exciting this monsoon to have sex with a cup of hot chocolate, tea Yummilicious. Monsoon soul food and sex, there is no better life than this.


The most predictable type of sex in the monsoons must be six rain. Either on the terrace or in a secluded location you have found, get all wet when having sex under the open sky. This gives the shower sex a whole new meaning!


Now this tip sex is only for those who have gone hiking or camping in the past. Get a tent (waterproof, of course) and then make love in it. Trust us, the feeling is unbeatable!

When it rains, take a long walk that share the same umbrella. Soak in the rain, go home and hot shower immediately. You make love under a hot shower feels great!

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