Dress Tips for Every Girl

That’s something we do every day – wear clothes ! So , in a way , it makes sense that we all have tips and tricks VIMA dress up your sleeve . ALL is the style and little tricks that will help you with all the dilemmas we have with our bra straps , jeans tight and uncomfortable shoes. All clothes tips that made me think , ” Why I can not think of the grave! ” . Therefore , he thought he was going to the wisdom of others who wear nose . I realized that there were many of you , so here we go!

Tucking into boots jeans
no more fat ankles !! Most of my jeans are boot cut or straight leg ( I guess I’m not a skinny girl Jean species ) . This presents a problem when it comes to wear boots – not only makes it difficult to zip up , but sometimes I stay with the clenched to the tissue that is uncomfortable and unpleasant ! If you have a similar problem , here’s a little trick to get those skinny jeans into boots not

DIY camouflage Bra strap
This clever trick clothing not only keeps hidden bra strap , but also keeps their shirts wide neck falling off his shoulder. Clever ! All you need is a pair of thin strips of fabric and sewing buttons pressure

Smart Open Zipper solution
I have a few pairs of jeans that can do ( too tight , perhaps ? ) . I’m not sure , but here’s a simple trick that will help keep the pesky zipper ! Slip the key ring loop fastener , and then put on the button . The ring is hidden under denim and ensures that they do not fall into the trap with their march down .

Chewing gum disaster
It has been a long time since he injured  my hairs ( stuck in my hair once in 3rd grade ) , but the fact of knowing that could happen at any time is a good reason to know this advice on how to be easily removed from the clothing and other fabrics – ice! The idea is that the tires are cold as possible. It hardens and makes it easier to just leave. This trick also works for furniture and pieces. Good to Know !

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