Dress Hotness Survey : Dress selected by men

Dress hotness survey is done across the world to find the dress which make men super excited. Few dress are obvious once but few are complete surprise.

Heating Things Up
79% of men want a peek at your cleavage.


72% of men want to cuddle up with a cozy-sweater girl.

Casual Coolness
56% of men love your dress-down uniform: jeans and a white tank.

A Girly Frock
79% of men think a beachy sundress is hot.

All-Natural Girl

64% of men would like to live with the girl next door.

A Little Unkempt
67% of men are bewitched by bed-head.

Figure-Flattering Clothes
60% of men go crazy for the snug fit of a pencil skirt.

No-Bra Tops
60% of men go crazy at girl wearing tight top without a bra.

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