Different Types of Sarees

The saree is known as the national dress for women in India. It is an important garment with a long tradition in the country that is designed to bring out the natural beauty of a woman no matter what the occasion. There are an infinite number of styles of sarees made of all kinds of materials with a seemingly infinite number of designs that can be used on them. Much of the saree design depends greatly on the state and location that the person is in at the time as different places throughout the country have different cultural designs used. That being said, there are typical types of sarees that are worn for specific occasions throughout the country that are made of varying materials, making them appropriate for certain occasions.

One of the most popular types and most well-known when it comes to sarees are those that are made of silk. Indian silk is known to be one of the most beautiful and luxurious and when used for a saree are often considered to be a sign of wealth for the wearer. The silk is perfect for displaying some of the designs and prints that are used on sarees but the silk are worn less today because of the cost generally associated with them.

For the most popular material for sarees, one must look at Georgette sarees. Georgette is a lightweight and sheer fabric that is used most often in sarees that are seen today. It is not as heavy as other materials and not quite as opaque as others such as chiffon, providing a great balance for the garment that many love. Most commonly made from polyester or a polyester blend, Georgette can also be made of silk and is known to give just the right look and drape and is easy to use to create pleats and holds designs and prints very well, making it very versatile for use.

When many women are choosing evening wear, they turn to the use of a chiffon saree. Chiffon is known as a very sheer and lightweight fabric that seems to almost float as a garment for the person wearing it. This characteristic makes chiffon perfect for elegant evening wear and the saree made of chiffon can handle all types of embroidery or prints. The chiffon saree is often made of combinations of polyester, nylon and silk.

Another great material often used in sarees that are perfect for evening is Crepe. Crepe is a knit fabric or a woven fabric that is being used more in sarees today because it has a very elegant and luxurious feel and look to it that makes it perfect for use in evening and formal occasions. The Crepe material is known for having excellent drape, which makes it perfect for use in a saree.

Bridal or wedding sarees are also a very popular type. It is traditional for a bridal saree to be worn by and Indian bride and many of the sarees that are designed for weddings are known for having very intricate embroidery and designs to them to reflect the importance of the occasion and just how special the day is. Bridal sarees can be made of a variety of materials to help reflect on the beauty of the bride and the day.

There are other saree types available made of different materials and some that are worn for different occasions. Each saree and its associated embroidery can help reflect the particular occasion that it is going to be worn for, so choosing the one that is most appropriate is not only up to individual taste but also depends on heavily on what type of event or occasion it is going to be worn for.

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