Deepika Padukone: The Stylish Diva


With a slender long neck, tall height, and a smile to die for, there is no doubt why Deepika Padukone is one of the most loved and followed actresses of the B-town. There are many other actresses who have created ripples in the fashion industry with their glamour and poise but the waves Deepika has created are unmatchable.

Be it her hair tied up in a bun when she dresses up in a saree or her making an appearance on the airport in shorts and a long tee; her every look is bound to get the same reaction from her fans and paparazzi alike.

Not just the Bollywood, it was her looks, talent, and beauty that had Hollywood swooning over her as well. Her new movie with Vin Diesel is a proof of the smoky hotness the lady is. You can’t just help but fall in love with her fashion sense, her sexy figure and the way she carries herself so flawlessly.What makes Deepika who she is? Let’s find out.

Training to look her best

Actor Deepika Padukone during the photo shoots in Mumbai on Aug 27, 2014.

So that she makes waves as high as her counterpart Bollywood Diva, Priyanka Chopra, in Hollywood, she has been working really hard to look her best opposite Vin Diesel. Her extensive training and the videos which have surfaced up show her dedication and determination to her job.

The abs she has been flaunting with that slender waist in the trailers that have aired up of the next xXx movie are a proof of the great amount of hard work and sweat she has put into her training with celebrity fitness trainer, Yasmin Karachiwala.

Her latest fitness routine involved heavy weight training that included 200-pound leg presses, pilates, TRX suspension training and a lot more. In order to share the screen with her co-star in the action film, she has done a lot of strength training and core exercises as well to look her best and shoulder some of the action shots as well.

Deepika Padukone Latest Super Hot Stills, Deepika Padukone Latest Hot Navel Pictures

Deepika Padukone Latest Super Hot Stills, Deepika Padukone Latest Hot Navel Pictures

So let’s focus on her looks now

The stills that have been released from her upcoming Hollywood debut have stirred in quite of an anticipation in her fans and all audiences alike. She looks super sexy with her well-toned body and sexy figure. We all know her to be a great actress in the Bollywood industry and she has been doing just the same in Hollywood as well.

The stills and the trailers are a proof enough of the glamor, sensuality, and sexuality that the actress has brought on to her film.


It is not just for the Hollywood movie, Deepika is known to be a hard-working actress who gives her best for every movie she gets to at in. Don’t believe us? Watch out for her next movie and you will fall even more in love with the ever-so-gorgeous and stylish actress, Deepika Padukone.

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