Top 10 Sexy Halloween Costumes

Over the years, for women halloween costumes, S means sexy and not scary. staff put together our list of the top 10 Sexy Halloween Costumes   Whether it’s  special Halloween occasion or just an intimate night at with your partner, these sexy halloween costumes will never let you down. In theory […]

Halloween is the night for love

Halloween is the night for love making . Halloween has become an increasingly adult holiday, and you can see it reflected in the costumes marketed to children. This Halloween, forget about trick or treat, get more then just few candies. As per the survey of 10,389 over 18+, done by […]

Hallowen and your inner fantasies

Do you feel like put on a sexy dress, fishnet stockings and high heels, and perhaps red-haired wig. It seems that men love red head. Halloween is a time to express your sexual fantasies and hidden desires. for twenty-four hours you can be whatever you like to be. The special […]

Why SchoolGirl dresses are getting shorter

Some one asked recently, “Why all this agitation on the subject of high schoolgirls’ dress?” Interest in this subject has certainly increased during the last several years and the high school girl herself is directly responsible for this interest. Dresses worn by girls secondary school in our country is gradually […]

School Girl Dress for your lover

Every man secretly longs for the virginal school girl, clad in Britney Spears-esque pigtails and uniform. Surprise your man tonight with your own version of the Teacher’s Pet! Nothing makes a more intimate and very special moment, when it is expected to be dressed right for the occasion. When it […]

Ola Jordan washing her car

He turned heads with his performance on Come Dancing accurately. But Ola Jordan has attracted the attention of the floor also got a weekend wet and wild car wash. The Polish beauty, 33, showed off her stunning figure with hotpant dungarees and a white cami as she polished her Nissan […]

Ketty and Sexy Japanese SchoolGirl Costume

Boyfriends goes absolutely crazy whenever girls wear short skirts. Girls should  purposely wear it as a way to tease him whenever she wanted to get lucky. Ketty Story”We had been drinking a lot and one day I asked him what he thought about when I wore it. He blushed and told […]

Sexy Schoolgirl Costumes to Spice your life

  Valentines day has come and gone, but the romance does not have to end there. Keep the spark alive in your relationships all year round by experimenting with role-play in the bedroom. A lot of couples like to play with a dominant and submissive role in the bedroom, and […]

Sexy Teacher Costume – A Perfect Way Get Wild 4

Sexy Teacher Costume – A Perfect Way To Seduce Him Without Touch At some point of time the couples feel that everything is turning out to be routine. There is no zing in their bedroom life. Well, in this hectic life schedule one gets a very little time to spend […]

5 Bedroom Dress for Your Honeymoon

5 Bedroom Dress for Your Honeymoon For richer or for poorer… ‘Till death do us part… These are two vows being said to one another by a newlywed couple. Two different people bound by unexpected feelings as if the magical waves of serendipity have brought these two people together. Considering […]

Sweetheart Sailor Costume

Catch the eye of every sailor or just that special one you have been looking for when you wear this New Sexy 3-Piece Sweetheart Sailor Costume. This costume features everything you need for fantasy and fun on the high seas. The dress of the costume is a one piece dress […]

Schoolgirl Costume

The object of so many fantasies, you can be irresistible to that special someone when you appear in this New Seductive Straps Bedtime Stories Schools Out Schoolgirl Costume. The schoolgirl has long been a fantasy favorite for many and whether you plan to be naughty or innocent in this costume […]