Control your man and get it when you wanted

Valentine’s Day can be a celebration of love, underwear and Getting him, but why wait until then? If you are in the mood for some red hot action at this time to get the message instantly with the advice of Rachel Venning and Claire Cavanah, co-founders of the sex toy shop and authors Babeland Moregasm


Give him a sneak peek.

woemnUnderwear? Schoolgirl outfit? Of course, this has been done, but there is a reason: it works. “Ask him to shop for fancy dress that he wants to use you,” . He will really hit the socks, “Give him a surprise when you least expect it.” Pull up her skirt a few inches to reveal more of your skin , while sitting in a restaurant. The package, which is the French maid equipment with you when you stop to help him after party- “clean” after his big party. They take note.

office-dressWrite dirty.

If you can not bring me to try talking dirty, let your fingers speak instead. “Write a note in leading partner in the mirror after a shower,” said Venning. “The fact that there was only a moment, and then went to make the idea more and more tempting

Lindsay Lohan

Tell him what you want—now.

There is nothing like talking about his sexual bucket list “to make a decision to have sex,” suggests Venning. “You can start with” I have always wanted to … “or” I never … “While the conversation ends in the bedroom, consider it a success.

sexy-girl-skirtPre-party with yourself.

“If you get turned into (or orgasm) before the date of excitation signals, such as lips, rosy cheeks and female pheromones emitted when all work on it primitive forms,” said Venning. So go ahead and spend some time “I” before seeing it. Oh, and do not be afraid to tell about it.


Give him the remote.

You know, people like the remote control of the television, why not mix and “you slip a wireless remote control vibrating panties you’re wearing,” Cavanah offers. If you’re the shy side, let him play with them at home. If the band is wild, let me warm from across a crowded room at a party or during a dinner at the restaurant.



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