Clothes Guide

Do you have a prefect body ?

Do guys actually expect girls to have ideal bodies, as the ones they see on TV, movies, magazines or porn? I’m a bit scared to do anything with my boyfriend, because I have stretch marks, pimples, body fat here and there, my boobs aren’t nice to see… And I fear […]

Dress Hotness Survey : Dress selected by men

Dress hotness survey is done across the world to find the dress which make men super excited. Few dress are obvious once but few are complete surprise. Heating Things Up 79% of men want a peek at your cleavage.   Softness 72% of men want to cuddle up with a […]

Dresses For Valentine Date

Dresses are the ideal way to go if you’re looking for something you can easily put together. They are also comfortable which makes them a great candidate for your sexy valentine date. guide will help you find the best dress for your valentine night date , and find one […]

Dresses for Your Honeymoon

Dresses are the ideal way to go if you’re looking for something you can easily put together. They are also comfortable which makes them a great candidate for your coming honeymoon. You’ll also be spoilt for choice when shopping around for that perfect honeymoon dress with wide selections of maxi […]

Dresses for Girls with Small Breasts

It is very easy for women with small breasts to get disheartened because of what they might perceive as inadequate cleavage. This is particularly when they are looking for dresses to put on. The fact that you are deficient in the chest section does not mean that you cannot make […]

New Year Party Dresses from Dress Room and Video

Many people set their expectations high for New Year’s Eve and end up disappointed. From plans falling through to never receiving that kiss at midnight, there are countless things that can go wrong. But, the one thing you can control is your outfit, and there is no better way to […]

How to wear Slit Skirts

Slit Shirt are back in fashion as thigh high slit skirt. Slit Skirts are always sexy as they play with imagination, but they are also flattering especially in the formal look. You can wear Slit skirt to look taller and slimmer. While ultra thigh-high slits, exposing almost everything are wore […]

Japanese schoolsgirls School uniform

Most Japanese schoolsgirls have their own “seifuku” (uniform), and in particular that schoolgirl uniforms has become a variety of unique styles. Tsukekae Seifuku is essentially a white blouse with detachable collars in different colours, so you can change them to create different looks. The collars come in three colours: navy, […]

Sky High Slit Dress : Fashion Trend

Looking to add oomp factor to your look this season? We’re all about a good sky high slit. Girls, now more than ever, are more confident and less afraid to, well, show off their skins. The trend for sky-high slit dress is in and trending in all fashion runways, streets and […]

Summer Dresses Boys loves to see on Girls

Summer means getting hot; i mean literally. Boys love to see more of skin to increase the hotness.We provide you some pointer to look smoking hot this summer. More Skin Show : The number one thing guys love about summer? Warm weather means way more skin on display. Remember to […]

Look sexy and glamorous in Indian saree

When all the girls all over the world stare at a huge closet full of black and blue and red dresses, trying and failing miserably to pick a unique outfit for the night, Indian girls have an easy way out – wear a saree! Trust me when we say it […]

Short Skirts : Tips and Tricks

Short skirts have manifold benefits. They’re convenient. They’re fun. They’re cute. And they’re very easy to move around in.If you have good legs, then it is an easier way to show your sexy silhouette. Before continuing, it is important to choose the right fit. There are classic lines A, flatteringly […]