Beauty Starts At Your Heel

Here’s today’s helpful beauty tip – Never let yourself be photographed with both heels on the ground. You always want to either be wearing heels or be doing like these girls are and standing on your toe with at least one foot.

If you want to know why, you can do a fun little experiment to understand it better:

Get your selfie-camera out and take off your pants.
Stand with your feet flat on the floor and take a picture of your ass.

Now stand on your toes like you’re wearing a pair of really high heels and take a picture of your ass again
Can you see the difference? When you wear heels it has a big effect on your legs and your ass. It makes your calves and thighs bunch up at the back and turn your ass upward a bit, which make your whole lower body look so much better than it would if you just stood flat. Look at pictures of really gorgeous girls and notice their feet and legs – they understand how to stand to look the best and there’s no reason you can’t too.

If you’re really committed to looking good, the best thing to do is wear heels all the time. When you go out, heels, no matter the occasion. When you’re at home, wear heels around the house. You should either be in bed, in the bath, or in heels. This isn’t just about getting used to wearing them – wearing heels all the time actually changes your legs. It permanently shortens the muscles and tendons in the back of your leg so you always have that perfect high-heel look. I find it extremely attractive when a girl stands on her toes even barefoot because she can’t put her heels on the ground comfortably anymore from wearing heels too much.

So stop what you’re doing and go put on some heels.


Keep them on. If you have to do something that means you can’t wear heels, then it’s probably not worth it. Looking good and girly comes first. Get to work fixing those legs and ass the way only heels can.

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