5 Pool Party Dresses

With the warm weather coming in as summer approaches, you will likely be fielding invitations all over to pool parties from your friends and neighbors. Pool parties can be a simple, informal gathering of just a few people or a real get together with over a hundred people on hand with a DJ, band, buffets and more. Whatever the case may be, you want to make sure that you have just the right dress to wear for your pool party occasion that is going to turn all of the heads. Here are five pool party dresses and outfits for you to consider that can make you stand out on the pool deck.

Floral designs Floral designs are always a popular choice for wearing around the pool as these ideas seem to scream summer and warm weather. Choosing a dress with a great mix of bright color and floral design in summer colors like a yellow or lavender can really make you stand out. Pair the dress with a nice floppy hat with a floral edge or trim and you really have something.

The Perfect Skirt You can very often just get the perfect look you are going for by choosing just the right skirt to wear to your party. A light and airy skirt in bright colors and designs, when paired with your one-piece bathing suit or even your bikini can look outstanding and make you comfortable. All you need to do then is throw your skirt on after a dip in the pool or a day of sunning and you are ready for the party.

Knit pants Just as you can with a great skirt, you can simply choose a nice pair of knit pants to wear with your bathing suit as the perfect accent for a pool party. There are all kinds of beach pants that are light enough to wear during the day or to pull on at night. Choose a pair of pants made of linen or a light knit fabric with a splashy design for color and flair.

Tie Dye Dress Getting a simple one piece dress that you can pull on and off easily to allow for sunning and swimming is ideal, and why not give yourself a great funky look by making it a tie dye dress? Use a blend of bright, electric colors and choose a tank dress that is sleeveless for a great look and comfort during the day or night.

The White Dress Memorial Day is over, so you can break out that classic white dress whenever you want to get a chic look at that pool party. You can choose something sheer in a variety of fabrics, like linen or even silk so that it can give a hint of your bathing suit underneath for a fabulous look.

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